You remember that first day of high school: you knew everyone, but no one really knew you. Put yourself in Dean Stiffle's shoes. He's not the typical teen - he found his friend, Troy, who happens to be the school's drug dealer, hanging lifeless in his bedroom after a drug overdose. And now, he's being bullied into going back to his room to recover the drugs. The only thing is, Dean really doesn't care about getting the drugs.

Of course, this does not sit well with the group of bullies, so they think they've come up with a brilliant plan to make Dean get their drugs. They'll kidnap Dean's younger brother, Charlie, and hold him for ransom. One problem - they got the wrong Charlie. They took the son of the police cheif and the woman who's marrying the mayor (yes, the two parents are divorced). Now, Dean could care even less; but the bullies decide they're going to keep the kid for ransom anyway. Dean eventually realizes that he really does care and tries to stop these bullies.

Enough of the plot because you have to see this movie to figure out all that's going on. And I definitely recommend you seeing this film! It's funny and emotional in a satirical kind of way.

Plus, it boasts a brilliant cast starting with Dean, who's played by Jaime Bell; you'll remember him as Billy Elliot in the 2000 hit film. He jumped into the role of Dean and really makes you take a look at the life around you; see what you have and not let your life waste away. One of the bullies (who's not really a bully), Crystal, is played by Camilla Belle. She's the one who finally convinces Dean that he should help. The two true bullies are Justin Chatwin and Lou Taylor Pucci. And boy do they play the part; you really do not like these kids, and the hate carries throughout the film.

Ok, those are the leading roles, here are the other names in the film: Glenn Close, who plays Troy's mother, Allison Janney, who is Dean's mother, Carrie-Anne Moss plays Crystal's mom, Ralph Fiennes, who is the mayor, and Rita Wilson, who is the kidnapped Charlie's mother. I'd say you've got some star power!

Basically, The Chumscrubber is a video game all the kids are obsessed with. He's a teen who kills zombies with his own cut off head, which he carries around with. Director, Arie Posin wanted to make this movie in the eyes of how he remembered being a kid where parents and teens 'live in two separate but parallel worlds.'

There are some amazing breakthrough performances in this film. The story and writing is very creative. You will laugh even though it's not really a comedy. This is basically a joke on life and how way too seriously we take it. I'm not telling you to go to your nearest school and kidnap anyone, cause that'd be illegal. But look at your surroundings and see what an amazing life you have and what you can do with it.

The Chumscrubber opens in select cities August 5th; look for it nationwide soon!

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