Sin tetas no hay paraiso means "Without Breasts There is No Paradise." It is also the title of a popular Columbian telenovela. According to Variety, NBC's new programmer Ben Silverman has set up an English language version of the show for our shores.

NBC bought the rights to the very successful soap, and is looking at turning it into the next big prime time hit. At the same time, NBC's sister station Telemundo will also be producing a Spanish language version of the program for its audiences.

The show revolves around a small-breasted woman who attempts to get a boob job because she thinks it will propel her out of the slums. She ends up on the streets, singing "Two dollars and a hand job." That's right, instead of becoming a popular starlet, she becomes a prostitute and gets involved with a couple of drug dealers in the process.

Silverman has already found success with the ABC adaptation of Ugly Betty. He said, "I scour the world for the best ideas and for the game-changing hit shows and Sin Tetas is one of those shows. We have a tremendous opportunity to achieve cross-promotional efforts on behalf of both of these telenovelas as we reach out to diversify our audiences."

The show will most likely appear as a fall replacement sometime next year.