Now you can relive all the terror from The Conjuring movie universe on the living room rug behind the couch. NECA has announced a new line of action figures base on Warner Bros.' blockbuster horror franchise. And they're starting with The Nun and The Crooked Man.

The first two NECA action figures from their upcoming Conjuring line were shown off at this weekend's Toy Fair. And once director James Wan got a look at them, he instantly fell in love. He co-created this series with Leigh Whannell. He says this, truly excited for the horror that is about to hit store shelves.

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"Whoa, Nun and Crooked Man toys. A Conjuring Universe line of collectibles, I'm in! Hope we get Ed and Lorraine too."

While there is no Annabelle action figure just yet, we don't put that past NECA. Ed and Loraine Warren toys are a must as well. But what we do get is pretty scary. Valak from The Nun is pretty terrifying. And then we have The Crooked Man in all his spooky glory. The demon is supposed to get a spin-off in the near future as well.

The Toy Fair has been going on throughout the weekend in New York City, and we've seen some amazing Toys get announced in the past couple of days. These new Conjuring action figures are among the very best, though NECA has a good track record of not disappointing fans when it comes to taking on any given horror franchise.

The Conjuring toys will be hitting store shelves and online retailers later this year, though no specific date has been handed out. Since Toys R Us closed, some of these toys can be a little hard to hunt down in physical stores. But Game Stop has become one of the go to places, with Target offering more NECA action figures as well in recent months.

The Conjuring franchise won't just be invading toy stores this year. The next spin-off in the universe will be Annabelle 3, which will hit theaters this summer from director Gay Dauberman. Then fans will get The Conjuring 3 in September 2020. It will be the first installment not directed by James Wan, with Michael Chaves taking over. You can check out James Wan's Tweet along with a look at the toys, where they appeared at the Toy Fair.