Not a bad movie, but certainly not a great one. It's mainly just boring. Not much happens and when it does, well, it's still not much.

Man and wife move out to the country to start anew after the birth of their son. Man is played by Lukas Haas (whose most memorable role is still as the child in Witness). The house they move into is, of course, creepy and run down and, of course, possibly haunted. Wife suffers from post-partum depression and refuses to touch or sleep in the same room as the new born. A nice touch, but very little is done with it in terms of scares and creativity.

Dad starts seeing things and is suffering from sleep deprivation so you're never sure whether he is being haunted by something (or someone) or whether it's all in his head. He seeks answers from the crazy old lady who lives up the road, but doesn't really get anywhere other than learning than her baby sister was buried alive by accident. So maybe the ghost of the baby is haunting him?

When the climax of the film occurs and the twist is twisted out of the story, it's neither exciting or even worth your attention. The story moves along at such a leaden pace that by the time the big ending comes around, you might be fighting to stay awake.

And that hand on the DVD cover never appears. That would have been too exciting. Sorry Canada, I love your national sport and funny accents, but not your horror movies.

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