Scream Factory is finally revealing details about their upcoming Collector's Edition planned for Andrew Fleming's The Craft, which was announced last July at Comic Con. Fans can set their reminders now as the witches will be officially coming home on March 12, 2019.

Sarah has always been different. So as the newcomer at St. Benedict's Academy, she immediately falls in with high school outsiders. But there's something different about her new friends, and it's not just that they won't settle for being a group of powerless misfits. They have discovered The Craft ... and they are going to use it.

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The Craft is a horror thriller has an all-star cast including Neve Campbell (the Scream franchise, Wild Things), Robin Tunney (Supernova, The Zodiac), Fairuza Balk (The Island Of Dr. Moreau, American History X), Rachel True (Half Baked, Embrace Of The Vampire) and Skeet Ulrich (Scream, Riverdale).

  • Official release date is planned for March 12th. Region A - US & Canada.
  • Since this is a Collector's Edition, it will come with a slipcover in its first three months of release.
  • The Craft conceptual (and suitably witchy) new illustration you see pictured is from artist Joel Robinson (Candyman, Serpent and the Rainbow, Silent Night Deadly Night). The reverse wrap will feature the iconic poster art of the four ladies doing the supernatural "runway strut" we all know of.
  • The Craft extras are in progress and will be announced on a later date but we can confirm that all the bonus materials from the prior DVD and Blu will be ported over and we already have new interviews secured with Director Andrew Fleming, Writer Peter Fildari, Makeup Effects Supervisor Tony Gardner and Producer Doug Wick.

You can preorder The Craft now at Scream Factory here. Pre-order links on other online retailers will be going up throughout next month.

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