Rachel True says that racism is preventing her from joining The Craft reunions at conventions. The movie revolves around four teenagers who mess around with witchcraft, but only three of the original actresses have been asked to take part in recent reunions. Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk, and Robin Tunney have all been invited to represent the 1996 fan-favorite movie, but True keeps getting left out. However, True notes that this has been happening for the past 23 years and isn't just a new problem.

Over the weekend, Rachel True wrote a long thread on Twitter about her experience starring in The Craft. Conventions have been setting the original cast up with contracts to appear at different conventions, which she did not name, and excluding her from the fun. In the end, True believes that it's racism and says that it was going on throughout the promotional tour for the movie. She explains.

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"I think it's interesting these conventions are booking Neve, Fairuza &, Robin all together, but excluding me. Sounds about white... Kinda like the press junkets back in the day for the film"

Rachel True didn't stop there. She went on in a series of tweets and responded to fans in the process. She questioned the reasoning behind being left out of The Craft convention reunions by asking, "Maybe it's just an oversight but... I mean... it's a film about 4 f*cking girls not 3." True then revealed that "the lovely Fairuza Balk tipped me off to this all, because she's cool AF. & scene." So at least it doesn't seem like there is any bad blood between the original cast. True also recalled that she was left out of presenting at the MTV Movie Awards when The Craft was in theaters and was sad to see the other three actresses on stage without her.

As for which conventions in particular were leaving her out, Rachel True would not say. The actress blames it on "the casual racism to the choice," and believes that some of the conventions may not have even thought to include her in the first place. She then asked fans that go to the conventions, especially white fans, to ask questions and let them know how you feel about True being left out of The Craft reunions. She then went on to comment on the current president of the United States and racism.

Though Rachell True doesn't mention any of the other actresses from The Craft reaching out, one has to wonder why they all don't pull out unless she's involved. This is a question that was posed by many fans in True's Twitter feed, but was never addressed. True maintains that the other actresses were offered contracts a long time ago and that her people have reached out, but not gotten a response. Now that this story is starting to spread, it wouldn't be surprising to see her added on in the near future. As for what convention that True is referring to, that should be pretty easy to spot when the reunion happens. You can check out all of the information below, thanks to Rachel True's Twitter account.