You can bring a brand new remake of a George A. Romero classic home on DVD and Blu-ray this June. The Crazies will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 29. The standard DVD will be priced at $29.98 SRP while the BD, which will include a Digital Copy of the film, will be priced at $39.98 SRP. The film stars Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Joe Anderson and Danielle Panabaker.

The Crazies DVD/BD

In a terrifying tale of the "American Dream" gone wrong, four friends find themselves trapped in their hometown in The Crazies, a reinvention of the George A. Romero classic. David Dutton is sheriff of Ogden Marsh, a picture-perfect American town with happy, law-abiding citizens. But one night, one of them comes to a school baseball game with a loaded shotgun, ready to kill. Another man burns down his house after locking his wife and young son in a closet inside. Something is infecting the citizens of Ogden Marsh...with insanity. The few still sane find themselves trapped: Sheriff Dutton; his pregnant wife, Judy; Becca, an assistant at the medical center; and Russell, Dutton's deputy and right-hand man. Forced to band together, an ordinary night becomes a struggle for survival as they try to get out of town alive.

Special Features:

  • Audio commentary with director Breck Eisner
  • - "Behind the Scenes" featurette
  • - "Creepy Paranormal Pandemics" featurette
  • - "Crazy Make-Up Mastermind: Rob Hall in Action" featurette
  • - "Thematic Exploration of George A. Romero Films featurette
  • - Storyboards
  • - Digital copy (Blu-ray only)