Known for it's elaborate DVD sets, the Criterion Collection, in an effort to create more titles in it's library, is starting a new company within the Criterion brand to make more movies available.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, they report that Criterion is forming a new shingle called Eclipse which will still put out "arty" titles yet they won't have all the Criterion bells and whistles.

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"We realized there are an awful lot of films that we know about, and we are able to see because we have them here. But they haven't been out in the world," said Peter Becker, president of the Criterion Collection. "It was a natural fit to sort of complement Criterion and give Criterion viewers an opportunity to dig deeper."

This new series of titles "will feature multidisc sets of classic, lesser-known films, deep catalog or never-before-on-DVD titles in barebones editions."

Up first will be the Early Bergman Box Set. It will feature movies that filmmaker did from 1944-1949. They are Torment, Crisis, Port of Call, Thirst and To Joy. This set will sell for $69.95.

On April 24 Eclipse will release The Documentaries of Louis Malle. This set will contain 7 documentaries that Malle filmed "in the 1960s, '70s and '80s." This set will sell for $79.95.

The goal of these Eclipse sets is to "present rarely seen works from other well-known and not-so-well-known directors."

Even though the film's aren't getting the Criterion Treatment, don't think the company will "just slap films together because they come from the same director," Becker said.

Also, even if a title is on the Eclipse label "that doesn't mean it will never get the full Criterion treatment... fans of a director won't necessarily have to wait for years and years for Criterion to get to it," Becker stated.