Brandon Lee's costume from The Crow has sold at auction for $25,000. Lee wore the aforementioned costume in several scenes, which can be seen in the movie. The actor, and son of late martial arts legend Bruce Lee, was accidentally killed on the set of the 1994 movie, days before completion. He was 28-years old. The movie was finished using CGI, along with stunt doubles, and it was a sleeper hit at the box office upon its release.

Brandon Lee's The Crow distressed black shirt, leather pants and jacket, along with personal items in the pockets, sold for $25,000 at a recent auction. "This costume was worn by actor Brandon Lee, during the filming of 1994 American dark fantasy action film The Crow," according to the original listing. "The costume components comprise of a long black leather coat, black top and black leather trousers. The costume has been heavily distressed for the film with tears and bullet holes." It's unclear who won the bidding war, as that has been kept private.

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Brandon Lee would have turned 55 in February of this year. In celebration and tribute, his sister, Shannon Lee, wrote, "Brandon, when I've been thinking about you lately, I've been remembering how beautiful you were. You were funny and smart, and generous and warm and fun. I am so grateful I got to have you in my life as long as I did. Happy birthday. I love you." Lee seemed to think from an early age that he was going to die young like his father. Bruce Lee died at the age of 32 of cerebral edema due to an allergic reaction.

Brad Pitt recalled in an old interview that Brandon Lee had told him that he was going to die young, but he chalked it up to them being intoxicated and stoned at the time. After that time of partying, Lee accepted the lead role in The Crow. While the movie was a sleeper hit at the box office, it is arguably bigger now than it has ever been, thanks to a dedicated cult audience who keeps introducing the 1994 movie to a new audience. Since the original movie came out, and its following sequels, Hollywood has unsuccessfully attempted to reboot the franchise.

Ernie Hudson, who starred alongside Brandon Lee in The Crow, doesn't think there should be any reboots or remakes. "I just thought Brandon was The Crow and, as far as I was concerned, once he died and we went back to finish it, it was done in my mind," he said in a recent interview. "Brandon was the heart of it and I just I can't imagine [another]." It seems that a lot of people feel that way, but the studio will more than likely do more with the franchise at some point down the line. You can check out The Crow costume auction over at GWS Auctions.

The Crow Costume