It may finally be happening. Don't get your hopes up just yet, but it sounds like the long-awaited reboot of The Crow is moving forward. The project was dropped several months ago by Relativity Media, who had been working on The Crow remake for a very long time. However, Sony stepped in quickly and gave the project new life. And, if creator James O'Barr is to be believed, they fully intend to make the movie next year.

James O'Barr, who created The Crow comic book series that the movies are based on, was recently asked about the status of the reboot during an interview. Not only did he reveal that The Crow Reborn, which is (at least for now) the official title of the movie, is going to start shooting in 2018, but he revealed that he is very involved in the creative process personally. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"As of right now, it's slated to start pre-production in February with a very talented British director named Corin Hardy. I'm involved in every aspect of the film and working closely with the director."

Those who like The Crow will probably like the idea that James O'Barr is involved. The other interesting thing about this update is that he confirms Corin Hardy (The Hallow, The Nun) is still attached to direct. Quite a few directors and actors have been attached to the project at various points, but it looks like Sony wants to stick with the guy who was working on it most recently. Unfortunately, O'Barr doesn't make any mention of Jason Momoa, who's been attached to play Eric Draven for some time now. He, or whoever plays the part, will have some big shoes to fill, as there's still a lot of love for Brandon Lee, who was tragically killed while making the original adaptation of The Crow 1994.

Jason Momoa, who is also playing Aquaman in the DCEU, is about to see his stock price go up in a big way once Justice League hits theaters on November 17. Even if the movie winds up being divisive, fans have already taken a liking to his version of the character, so it would make sense for Sony to try and keep him on board if they can. Though, this will be quite a bit different than his current comic book movie experience. The Crow remake has been described as an R-rated revenge movie with a budget of around $40 million.

We initially reported that a remake of the 1994 classic The Crow was in the works back in 2010. The project has had an impossible time getting off the ground in the years since, but based on James O'Barr's comments to ScreenGeek, maybe, just maybe, we're actually going to see The Crow Reborn happen. We'll be sure to keep you up to date as more information on the project is made available.