Late last year, we learned that Luke Evans was on the verge of dropping out of The Crow remake, due to the slow gestation process the film has been experiencing. The actor has quite a few projects on his impending slate, but there has never been any official word on whether or not he has dropped out. Director Corin Hardy didn't exactly clarify if a new actor was being sought as he gave a couple of select interviews at this year's Sundance in support of his feature film debut The Hollow. He did, however, hint at the tone of this reboot, and compared it to the Marvel movies and The Dark Knight trilogy.

"I...want to open the story up in such a way that the Crow is now part of a world where there are the Marvel movies and The Dark Knight movies. I intend it to be incredibly emotional and brutal, and all the things you'd want from a Crow film. I want to make a movie that I would have wanted to see, as a huge fan of The Crow."
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Relativity hired music video director Corin Hardy to direct this version of The Crow back in December. Its not yet clear if the movie will actually shoot in spring 2015, as originally intended, as that is only a few months away. Asked about his intended schedule, Hardy didn't give a clear answer, but did reiterate an earlier statement from Luke Evans claiming that the movie will remain quite faithful to the original comic book created by James O'Barr, who is serving as a producer, consultant, and will once again curate the soundtrack:

"It's still early days on that. but what I can say for now is that I'm a huge, huge fan of both the first film [pictured above] and James O'Barr's graphic novel. I was obsessed with The Crow when I was growing up. When I heard about the remake, what I thought could be very interesting today, 20 years later, especially with this whole Marvel Universe that's happened, is that the Crow always stood as an outsider to me. I kind of felt he would be the right character for me if I got the chance to do it. And now that I have gotten the chance to do it, I'm very much going back to the graphic novel, particularly looking into the illustrations themselves as much as the story, and picking out all those beautiful ideas and details that haven't really been used yet."

The story follows Eric Draven, a young rock guitarist who, along with his fiancee, is brutally killed by a ruthless gang of criminals. Exactly one year after his death, Eric returns, watched over by a hypnotic crow, to seek revenge, battling the evil crime lord and his band of urban thugs, who must answer for their crimes.