Devour: A recent interview with Fangoria has the horror screenwriters, Adam and Seth Gross, of the upcoming David Winkler directed pic, Devour, speaking about the current status of the film...

"Basically, it’s about a computer game that young people are playing, college-age people," Seth continues, "and the more they play it, the darker and more twisted it becomes, until there’s no turning back and it gets out of control. One of the movie’s main themes is how technology makes it easier for evil to enter our lives. We were thinking about pornography and on-line gambling and day trading—technology makes it easier for us to satisfy our baser desires. They’re just a computer or cell-phone call away. That’s the basis we built the story from. My girlfriend actually recently had her identity stolen that way, which was a terrible thing to go through."

"This is about the ultimate identity theft," adds Adam. He says that DEVOUR, like a number of very recent horror films, harks back to the darker approach of the ’70s, and that this is a reflection of our modern times. "This is a very intense, scary movie," he states. "It’s not the self-referential, jokey approach of SCREAM or BUFFY; it’s bleaker and more realistic. There have been more of these kinds of movies coming out recently, and it’s a type of horror that represents a fundamental change in society, especially after 9/11. DEVOUR is closer to films like LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT or THE EXORCIST, in that it’s unflinching. I think that was because back then, you had Vietnam, Manson, Watergate, Son of Sam—there was a real anxiety in the country. And I believe that’s why a lot of great scary movies came out of that period, because it reflected that anxiety. The same kind of unease exists post-9/11 and with the economy, and that’s what this sort of horror film reflects. It’s a different ball game from the period when SCREAM came out. And it takes a little time for that to work into the culture."

Seth continues, "It grapples with spiritual questions of good and evil, and the struggle to hang onto personal faith in these trying times. So it’s not just a typical techno-thriller. Questions of good and evil are a big part of the script—not in a religious way, but in a more basic sense."

In addition, Creature Corner has acquired a list of names in considertation for various roles in the film...

Word has floated down into the Corner's crypt that Devour's attracted a handful of recognizable faces to fill out its cast including Shannyn Sossamon (The Order), Jensen Ackles (Fox's Dark Angel), Dominique Swain (Pumpkin), and the great William Sadler (Demon Knight). Hopefully he's gonna be around to put the fear of god into his fellow, younger colleagues with that steely, hardened gaze he's so good at.
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