Spider-man 2: Word from AICN is that our local newspaper here in Orange County, The Orange County Register, is to print 'The Daily Bugle' newspapers for the filming of Spider-man 2!

We'll let you know when we get more details from the paper, but here's tyhe scoop directly from AICN:

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I work for a newspaper in Santa Ana, CA. called The Orange County Register. It's a pretty popular paper down here in So Cal. I just received the current issue of our tremendously popular company newsletter and besides throwing it in the trash like I normally do I actually looked inside. No clue why I looked inside. Maybe I was bored but I think it was because that was the only think to look at in the head. Well anyway to my surprise I saw this little intercompany press release. It doesn't sound like a major scene in the movie but I couldn't not let you know. The last time something happened, a scene was filmed here from "The Ring", I sat on my laurels and didn't write you but this time I thought what the hell. Use it if you like or don't use it, I don't care. Just know that you have another spy in the family. Well here you go.... By the way, call me PaperBoy.

Spider-Man2 filming in Grand Avenue printing plant

The Register's Grand Avenue pressroom is making headline - literally - as a filming site for next year's release of "Spider-Man 2." Columbia Pictures, the production company making Spider-Man 2,is finalizing a date this month to shoot scenes of the film's fictitious Daily Bugle newspaper rolling through the Register's printing press and rolling down a conveyor. The front-page features a Spider-Man headline and photo.

Filming of the Daily Bugle press run will be scheduled early in the day on a Monday or Tuesday so it does not interfere with the 6 pm. printing schedule of the Register's Show, Accent, and OCClassified sections.

Several members of Spider-Man 2's crew - including the director, art director and location scouts - met with Director of Facilities and Property Operations Tom Grochow starting in February. They visited the Register on three separate occasions to investigate the size of the printing facility, use of equipment, positioning of cameras, and associates' involvement in operating the presses. A front-page image of the Daily Bugle will also be converted to match the Register's newsprint specifications.

The film company is renting the facility and will reimburse Freedom Orange County for all printing costs. Grochow met a Hollywood agent several years ago who specializes in finding shooting locations for films, television and commercials. He refers production companies to Grochow whenever scripts call for a specific type of space or incorporate a newspaper story line.

Peter Parker, the main character in Spider-Man 2, is a photographer for the Daily Bugle who secretly doubles as Spider-Man. Other newspaper-themed films shot at the Register include the 2002 horror film "The Ring." The film starred Naomi Watts as a newspaper reporter investigating a ring of mysterious deaths. The Content Center, basement and hallways were used during shooting and the Register recognized in the film's final credits.