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February 7th{@IMG:CWpiUQFSBwNdiIsnDzK9WKtNyws7Mt|Movie [email protected]}

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo star in 13 GOING ON 30, a flash-forward romantic comedy about a pre-teen girl who goes from geek to glamorous.

DVD Features

-Alternate Beginning and Alternate Ending

-Blooper Reel

-Deleted Scenes

-Director's Commentary

-Featurette - I Was a Teenage Geek

-Featurette - The Making of a Teen Dream

-Music Videos

-Producer's Commentary

Movie Picture


Cameron Crowe's "Elizabethtown" follows the story of Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom), a man down on his luck, as he journeys to his roots in small-town Kentucky to bury his father. Drew finds new life in his interactions with his colorful extended family, and in his unexpected romance with Claire (Kirsten Dunst), a quirky and persistent airline stewardess.

Technical Specs

Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1 track

December 6th{@IMG:dGgMS0NsnoMTVQUftq2dJjsr0AQ2sD|Movie [email protected]}

Lex Luthor. Bizarro. Metallo. Karkull. The universe is filled with villains. And only the Man of Steel can keep them from overthrowing Earth in these 18 action-packed episodes from the Emmy-winning series!

DVD Features

-Video Commentary on "Brave New Metropolis" and "World's Finest Part 1" with Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Glen Murakami, James Tucker, Dan Riba and Moderator Jason Hillhouse

-THE DARK SIDE: BEHIND THE VILLAINS OF SUPERMAN: The Origin and Evolution of Superman's Adversaries Featurette

December 20th{@IMG:MdlNmV2GYrnXKQUBMVf5U6mwm0jRN2|Movie [email protected]}

Get both classic Sandlot films in one UMD package! These movies capture the spirit of youth and the value of America's favorite pasttime as boys just try and be boys. All summer long all they want to do is play baseball, yet this directly conflicts with the fence (and the dog!) in the outfield. Step up to the plate for 2 charmingly, delightful films that show that no matter what... youth will be served.

UMD Features

-Back to the Lot Featurette

-Sandlot Featurette

-The Sandlot Kids: Then and Now Featurette

January 31st{@IMG:dAfFXErRAiLPLbSZVcrmd1dguRzac8|Movie [email protected]}

Four adventurous and daring Allies roam the North African desert in souped-up jeeps, harassing Rommel's Afrika Korps. Each soldier performs his specialty job precisely and fearlessly.

Technical Specs

Rating: NR

Run Time: 807

CC: Yes

Aspect Ratio: Full Screen Presentation

Language: English

March 21st{@IMG:Gwvx6NiWzuPyp20Mf10vvS4F4ditWa|Movie [email protected]}

Have fun with Ed, Edd 'n Eddy: Vol. 2 as your favorite neighborhood kids get in even more trouble and more messes than even they can imagine!!

Technical Specs

No. of Discs: 1

Packaging Type: Amaray Case

CC: Yes

Language: English

March 28thPlanet of the Apes: Battle

Roddy McDowall and Claude Akins star in the fifth and last chapter of the legendary Apes saga. Set in 2670 A.D., an idyllic society of man and ape is threatened by both a militant gorilla (Akins) and a tribe of still-intelligent mutant humans. Finally, simmering tensions dividing the primates erupt in an apocalyptic climax. When the smoke clears, the carnage is everywhere, but there is hope for a new beginning for man and ape. Co-starring John Huston, Paul Williams, and Lew Ayres.

DVD Features

-Interactive Game Trailer

-Self-Contained Planet of the Apes Web Site

-Interactive Menus

-Scene Selection and Original Theatrical Trailers

Planet of the Apes: Beneath

In the acclaimed sequel to Planet of the Apes, another astronaut (James Franciscus) crashes through the time barrier searching for the missing Taylor (Charlton Heston). The daring rescue leads to a subterranean city where mutant humans, who practice mind control, worship a weapon capable of destroying the entire planet. Both an action-oriented science-fiction adventure and a wry commentary on today's world, it's imaginative entertainment for fantasy buffs of all ages.

DVD Features

-Beneath the Planet of the Apes - Photo Gallery


-Interactive Menus

-Scene Selection & Original Theatrical Trailers

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