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March 28th{@IMG:hD8RPKxnvs7ptoe8E2aFmMXBFPErWE|Movie [email protected]}

Suspense Thriller based on the famous short story by master of fiction Ray Bradbury. In the year 2055, a technology has been invented that enables people to go back in time to hunt dinosaurs. When one such expedition to the Prehistoric past unwittingly makes a fatal mistake it dramatically impacts the course of evolution, setting off waves of destruction that ripple toward the modern world and unleashing an army of fearsome creatures that never should have existed.

Technical Specs

Rating: PG-13

Rating Reason: sci-fi violence, partial nudity and language.

No. of Discs: 1

Disc Configuration: 1) 9-Dual Layer

Run Time: 110 minutes

CC: Yes

Language: English

Subtitles: English, Francais, Espanol

Aspect Ratio: Original Aspect Ratio - 2.40 / Widescreen [16:9 Transfer]

Audio: English: Dolby Surround 5.1

April 11thThe Tennessee Williams Film Collection

The Tennessee Williams Film Collection -- an eight-disc DVD set containing the acclaimed film adaptations of one of America’s greatest playwrights features A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Sweet Bird of Youth,

Baby Doll, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, Night of the Iguana and Tennessee Williams’ South a revealing rarely-seen feature documentary.

DVD Features

-Commentary by Karl Malden and film historian Rudy Behlmer

-Movie and audio outtakes

-Marlon Brando screen test

-Elia Kazan: A Director’s Journey documentary

-5 new insightful documentaries:

1)A Streetcar on Broadway

2)A Streetcar in Hollywood

3)Desire and Censorship

4)North and the South

5)An Actor Named Brando

-Commentary by biographer Donald Spoto, author of The Kindness of Strangers: The Life of Tennessee Williams

-New featurette Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Somebody Up There Likes Him

-New featurette Sweet Bird of Youth: Broken Dreams and Damaged People

-Never-before-seen Geraldine Page and Rip Torn screen test

-Commentary by John Huston

-New featurette The Night of the Iguana: Dangerous Creatures

-Vintage featurette On the Trail of the Iguana

-1964 premiere highlights

-New featurette Baby Doll: See No Evil

-Baby Doll trailer gallery

-New featurette The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone: I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow

December 26th{@IMG:SfXqaDWzbCFyKVJT1gPFgN10kCheSR|Movie [email protected]}

Love 101

A fun filled college movie about studying, love and what it's like to be in school at your hormonal peak!

Technical Specs

Rating: R

Run Time: 95 minutes

Language: English

Movie Picture

Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds

Among the finalists for "Centerfold Of The Year" are Angel and her spiteful rival Betty. However, no one is aware of Angel's involvement in a secret medical beauty enhancement program headed by Dr. Lindstrom. Desperate to win, Angel overdoses on Lindstrom's formula, with disastrous results. Soon she has grown to monstrous but shapely proportions, causing all sorts of complications, the most dangerous being Betty's jealousy of Angel's new-found attention. Betty discovers Angel's secret and takes the formula herself, causing her to grow into an equally gorgeous giant. As the girls battle it out on Hollywood Blvd., Dr. Lindstrom races to find an antidote.

Technical Specs

Run Time: 83 minutes

Rating: R

Language: English

Movie Picture

School Spirit

The only thing keeping Billy Batson from the girl of his dreams is one little condom -- or rather the lack of one. Lucky Billy finds one at an all-night roadhouse -- but speeding back to his girl, he is killed in a head-on collision with a truck. Now invisible, Billy must find his sweetheart and rekindle her fire -- but when he comes back to school as a ghost, his first stop is the girl's locker room, and he's beginning to "see" all the possibilities!

Technical Specs

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Rating: R

Language: English

Movie Picture

Loose Screws

Brad, Steve, Hue, and Marvin are four get-nowhere boys who are forced into summer school by their principle. The end up at 'Cockswell Academy' under the supervision of Principle Arsenault (Canadian comedien Mike McDonald). The boys play a game in which they earn points for every girl they score with. On mis-adventures of their own, they decide to go for the ultimate 100 point. Miss Mona Lott, the new French teacher, but when they're unable to get a shot of her, they end up in the unforgiving clutches of the principle. After all is lost, they take one final chance in a hilarious conclusion on the school's anniversery celebration.

Technical Specs

Run Time: 75 minutes

Rating: R

Language: English

Movie Picture

Corporate Affairs

In the frantic world of Wall Street, four top executives have a small problem with their boss; he's dead. Now they've got to hide his body for the next 24 hours to pull off the deal of the century.

Technical Specs

Run Time: 82 minutes

Rating: R

Language: English

Movie Picture

Beach Balls

Charlie Harrison dreams of being a rock star and, with the help of friends and a gang of local toughs, he arranges a concert in his house for a big time record producer, or at least that is what Charlie thought he was arranging.

Technical Specs

Run Time: 82 Minutes

Rating: R

Language: English

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