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August 23rd{@IMG:aZHgYuDm4eT3KtAuB2vabarHftMmNm|Movie [email protected]}

After well-to-do bookseller Edouard Lestingois rescues a tramp from a suicidal plunge into the Seine, his family adopts the bum and dedicates itself to reforming him. The irrepressible Boudu shows his gratitude by shaking hte household to its foundations, challenging the hidebound principles of his hosts and seducing them with his anarchic charm.

DVD Features

-Archival introduction by Jean Renoir

-Excert from a Cineastes de notre temps program, featuring Renoir and Michel Simon

-New video interciew with filmmaker Jean-Pierre Gorin

-Archival interview with Eric Rohmer

-Interactive map of 1930's Paris, featuring locations from the film

-A new essay by Renoir scholar christopher Faulkner

Movie Picture

Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts reprises her role as investigative reporter Rachel Keller, now determined to start a new life and escape her haunting memories. But when the vengeful Samara returns, Rachel faces a nightmarish, life-or-death struggle to save herself and her young son in this edge-of-your-seat thriller!

DVD Features

-Short film entitled 'Rings' which uncovers the terrifying and secret connection between The Ring and The Ring Two

-Deleted scenes

-Fear on Film: Special Effects featurette

-Power of Symbols featurette

August 30th{@IMG:qnkjTqPzMtFMZ2tICJ0PcXLDFS7kuo|Movie [email protected]}

Alicia Silverstone plays Beverly Hills teen, Cher, whose penchant for helping others with their relationships and self-esteem is a cover for her own loneliness.

Sex. Clothes. Popularity. Is there a problem here?

DVD Features

-7 "Making Of" Featurettes

Movie Picture

Every week a new mystery... every week a new baffling case that only one team can solve.

DVD Features

-Interviews with Hugh Laurie, the producers, and the cast

-Featurette taking an inside look at the magical mix of medical tests and Hollywood fiction

-More interviews with the crew on the shows concept

-A set tour

-A compilation of Dr House's most outrageous quips

-Casting session with Hugh Laurie

Movie Picture

Schultze gets the blues tells the story of Schultze. Schultze has spent his whole life in a small town in Saxon-Anhalt near the river Saale. Schultze's life, divided between work and the pub, the allotment, folk music and fishing, is rudely interrupted when he and his mates Manfred and Jurgen lose their jobs. As entropy sets in and maintaining the daily routine deteriorates into a farce, Schultze discovers a life on the other side of the hill, America.

DVD Features

-Commentary in German with English subtitles by Director/Writer Michael Schorr

September 6th{@IMG:0junPqd5ZNmnzBxZvAwK7s0z9Egv51|Movie [email protected]}

Pinhead finds out that computer hackers have opened a virtual Lament Configuration on a website and retaliates!

DVD Features

-Filmmaker audio commentary

-"Ticket to Hellworld" behind the scenes

September 13th{@IMG:EN4ezxTmwVQfyzgoLeapU2xexVgsGD|Movie [email protected]}

Sissy Spacek won a much-deserved Oscar for her lead in this entertaining biography of country-music legend Loretta Lynn.

British director Michael Apted (Gorillas in the Mist) brings fine texture to the Kentucky backwoods section of the film, where the teenage Loretta meets her future husband (Tommy Lee Jones), who ultimately pushes her into show business.

Lynn's adult life is well covered, from her spouse's philandering to her own on-stage crackups; but between the chapter-and-verse recollections, the script by Thomas Rickman is layered with life and moments of great humor.

DVD Features

-Feature Commentary with Sissy Spacek and Director Michael Apted

-Tommy Lee Jones Remembers Coal Miner's Daughter

-An Exclusive Interview with Loretta Lynn and Director Michael Apted

-President George Bush Sr. Salutes AFI and Coal Miner's Daughter

September 20th{@IMG:aOPkGU53ASVrSXKyev1S4QmC1nqyr7|Movie [email protected]}

It was banned in 23 states. The government didn’t want you to see it. Deep Throat was more than just a titillating curiosity, it was the sexually explicit film that ignited a social and political firestorm. Inside Deep Throat examines the politics and the payoffs, the porn stars and persecution of the cultural phenomenon that remains just as highly controversial today. From Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer comes this probing look at the sensational adult film that launched a sexual and cultural revolution.

DVD Features


-The Binghamton Trial: Cliterally Speaking

-Beverly Hills: Holly Gets Wood

-Quincy House: Poison Ivy League

-Princeton: Throat Deep in the Suburbs

-Cut Throat: Where in the World is Bobby De Salvo?

-Harry Reems' Athletic Club

-The Tucson Trial: When Gerry Met Annie

-The Zen of Deep Throat

-Linda Does Hollywood

-The Legends of Erotica: Remembering Linda

-Fire Dance With Me

-Women Against Pornography;

-Linda's Exit: What's the Big Deal?

-The Last Word For Now

-Commentary Track

-Commentary with Directors Randy Barbato & Fenton Bailey

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