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June 21st

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Cursed: Unrated Edition

Dimension Home Video presents CURSED, the chilling, thrilling story of rampaging werewolves from the creators of "Scream," writer/producer Kevin Williamson ("The Faculty") and legendary director Wes Craven ("Nightmare On Elm Street"). Christina Ricci ("Monster," "Sleepy Hollow") leads a young and talented cast in a new take on the classic werewolf story, updated and brought to bloody life in contemporary Los Angeles.

Unrated Version:

Rated: Unrated

Bonus materials unrated and subject to change

Feature running time: Approximately 99 minutes

DVD aspect ratio: 2:40:1 enhanced for 16x9 TV screens

DVD Sound: Dolby' Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

DVD Languages: English audio; French audio, Spanish subtitles

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Cursed: Theatrical Edition

CURSED is available in two separate DVD editions, the "PG-13" version seen in theaters, and an even more carnage-filled unrated version, available with exclusive filmmaker's audio commentary. Both DVD editions feature the bonus materials "Behind The Fangs: the Making of Cursed;" "The Cursed Effects" featurette on the film's stunning special effects; "Creature Editing 101;" and the creature creation featurette "Becoming A Werewolf."

Theatrical Version:

Rated: "PG-13" For Horror Violence/Terror, Some Sexual References,

Nudity, Language And A Brief Drug Reference

Bonus materials unrated and subject to change.

Feature running time: Approximately 97 minutes

DVD aspect ratio: 2:40:1 enhanced for 16x9 TV screens

DVD Sound: Dolby' Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

DVD languages: English audio; French audio; Spanish subtitles

June 28th

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Cadet Kelly

Fashion-minded and artistic Kelly Collins (Hilary Duff, "Lizzie McGuire") finds her world turned upside-down when her mom marries the new commandant of a military academy. Kelly packs her bags for boot camp and moves with her family to the academy, only to become the school's newest and clumsiest cadet with the world's meanest Cadet Captain (Christy Carlson Romano). It's up to Kelly to make the best of a bad situation, win over the school and leave her unique mark.


- Selected scenes commentary with Christy Carlson Romano and Aimee Garcia.

- Cadet Captain Stone's Drill Team Challenge

- Learning The Drills (Behind-The-Scenes Featurette)

- Boot Camp DVD-ROM Party Planner

July 19th

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The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Dimension Home Video presents THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER, on DVD July 19.

In the fourth installment of "The Crow" series, Luc Crash, the leader of a satanic gang of bikers, murders a young man named Jimmy Cuervo (Edward Furlong) and his girlfriend Lily (Emmanuelle Chriqui) for the purpose of a ritual to make Crash an immortal demon. Cuervo rises from the dead with the power of The Crow to avenge his girlfriend's death, and to stop the completion of the unholy ritual.

DVD bonus features:

- Deleted scenes

- Storyboards

- Production design

- Behind-the-scenes featurette

- Filmmaker feature audio commentary

August 9thThundercats: Season One - Volume 1


In a distant galaxy, the world of Thundera is in crisis. The planet's structure has become unstable and is near collapse. With their destruction imminent, Thundera's denizens--known as the Thundercats--escape in a spaceship and plot a course for a new home. While in transit, the Thundercats are attacked by evil mutants and their craft is irreparably damaged. Jaga, the eldest Thundercat, sacrifices himself in order to pilot the ship safely to its destination: Third Earth.

Special Features

Interviews: "Feel the Magic, Hear the Roar: ThunderCats Fans Speak Out" - Wil Wheaton of Star Trek and other loyal Super Fans give their memories and support to this animation classic. TRT:7:04

MSPR: $64.92

August 23rd{@IMG:T0c2jCt6wXyCzbBFcUgJkRTUTGTMm9|Movie [email protected]}

Kung Fu fans will be able to complete their collection with the third and final season of Kung Fu. Kung Fu: The Complete Third Season from Warner Home Video (WHV) will be available on August 23, 2005. Exhibiting humility and respect for the "ones of all living things," Kawi Chang Cain (played by David Carradine), in his quiet, unassuming way, redefines the term "hero" in this Emmy Award winning series. The 4-disc box set, containing over 21 hours of content, will be available on DVD for $39.98 SRP.

DVD Special Features Include:

"David Carradine's Shaolin Diary: Back to Beginning" new documentary shot in China follows David Carradine as he returns to the Shaolin Temple Monastery.

Audio Commentary by David Carradine

He is a man of peace in a violent land. He is Kwai Chang Caine, a Buddhist monk schooled in the spirit-mind-body ways of the Shaolin priesthood by the blind avuncular Master Po and the stern, yet loving, Master Kan. Caine wanders the American West in the 1870's fighting intolerance and injustice with his mastery of an ancient form of high combat known as Kung Fu.

August 30th{@IMG:sILzfJ8RjjtYvoffI69D0PxNbGGrPM|Movie [email protected]}

There is nothing you would want to change about the second season DVD of the dramatically addictive series Nip/Tuck. Winner of the 2005 Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Drama, the highly anticipated DVD release of Nip/Tuck: The Complete Second Season finally hits stores on August 30th from Warner Home Video (WHV).

Timed to coincide with Nip/Tuck's third season premiere on FX, television fans can catch up on all 16 second-season episodes with the deluxe six-disc set, which will retail for $59.98 (SRP).

Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch


Presenting an all-new animated movie starring Lilo and Stitch! Before all 626 experiments landed in Hawaii, Stitch was enjoying his new "Ohana" with Lilo and Nani. It may have seemed like paradise, but little did they know something strange was about to happen... Stitch has a glitch! It appears his molecular makeup is out of whack, bringing out his bad behavior. Pleakley, Jumba, Nani and Lilo must find a way to restore his goodness level before he ruins everything! Filled with hysterical laughs and new music, plus some classic Elvis tunes, LILO & STITCH 2: STITCH HAS A GLITCH is a treat for the entire family. Not yet rated.

DVD bonus features:

- The Origin of Stitch - (animated short created exclusively for the DVD)

- "Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride"- music video performed by Jump 5

- Where's Pleakley? – Set Top Game

Pleakley is hidden in different crowd scenes, but it's fun trying to find him. Once you do, the

randomized game means he may be somewhere else the next time you play.

- Jumba's Experiment Profiler (featurette & mini-game)

Learn about Jumba's experiments, and then enter the correct info into Jumba's computer.

- Animated menus

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