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December 13th{@IMG:mQNYDgdViKbpY8QZkESgnvkgRxXZfC|Movie [email protected]}

The Duke cousins, Vance and Coy, come to Hazzard to embark on a new series of adventures, while Bo and Luke race the NASCAR circuit. Following the phenomenal success of this franchise on DVD, Dukes Season 5 will street in conjunction with the theatrical release. The Duke family is back for more down-home adventure in The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Fifth Season, now on DVD in this 8-disc, 22 episode collector's set.


Disc - 1

1) The New Dukes

2) Dukes Strike It Rich

3) Lawman of the Year

Disc - 2

4) Coy Meets Girl

5) The Hazzardgate Tape

6) Big Daddy

Disc - 3

7) Vance's Lady

8) Hazzard Hustle

9) Enos in Trouble

Disc - 4

10) The Great Insurance Fraud

11) A Little Game of Pool

12) The Treasure of Soggy Marsh

Disc - 5

13) The Revenge of Hughie Hogg

14) The Return of the Green Mean Machine

15) Ding, Dong, The Boss is Dead

Disc - 6

16) Coy Vs. Vance

17) Comrade Duke

18) Witness: Jesse Duke

Disc - 7

19) Welcome Back Bo n? Luke

20) Big Brothers, Duke

21) Farewell Hazzard

Disc - 8

22) Daisy's Shotgun Wedding

Gilmore Girls: The Complete Fifth Season

Gilmore rising: Lorelai. The Dragonfly Inn is a huge success. And Lorelai's romance with Luke (the just-gotta-be relationship fans have waited for!) steams up Stars Hollow. Gilmore going down: Rory. College, boys and career plans crash and burn, leaving the once-confident golden girl reeling. Fasten your seat belt for a fabulously funny and heartbreakingly dramatic Season 5. The wit, charm and eccentricity that have created legions of Gilmore Girls devotees are on glorious display in all 22 episodes of the hit series' fifth year. Adding more sparkle is the brilliant array of totally off-kilter, totally engaging supporting characters: Sookie, Paris, Lane, Kirk, Michel, the imperious Gilmore pere et mere and a townful more. See you in Stars Hollow!

DVD Features

-Audio Commentary by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino on Wedding Bell Blues Episode.

-The Gilmore Girls Turn 100 - a in-depth look at the making of the 100th episode documentary

-Behind the Scenes of the 10tth Episode.

-Who Wants To Talk Gilmore - montage of Season 5's best dialogue exchanges.

October 18th{@IMG:e01G1l7YaecYAwCuyhZ5GFkOfmRKVJ|Movie [email protected]}

Land of the Dead: Unrated Director's Cut

Special Features:

- Bringing The Dead to Life

- Scenes of Carnage

- Zombie Effects: From Green Screen to Finished Scene

- Bringing The Storyboard to Life

- Scream Test: Zombie Casting Call

Video: Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic

Audio: English in dolby digital 5.1, English DTS 5.1

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Runtime: 97

Release Date: October 18, 2005

Price (SRP): $29.98

November 1st{@IMG:UwOTF9Es0jrWP6eNmkET2FvwoGe8z2|Movie [email protected]}

To get to know the real man behind the myth, a son begins piecing together a true picture of his father from snippets of amazing stories and magical tales of his youth in this brilliantly fantastical movie from the incredible imagination of director Tim Burton.

DVD Features

- Featurette: The Character's Journey - Edward Bloom at Large

- Featurette: The Character's Journey - Amos at the Circus

- Featurette: The Character's Journey - Fathers and Sons

- The Filmmakers' Path - Tim Burton: Storyteller

- The Filmmakers' Path - A Fairy Tale World

- The Filmmakers' Path - Creature Features

- The Filmmakers' Path - The Author's Journey

- Exclusive - 24 Page Hardbound Book, "Fairy Tale for a Grown Up"

Movie Picture

EL MARIACHI: A mariachi trades his guitar for a gun in this wild bullet-dodging fast ride through a world of bandito violence. DESPERADO: This sexy sequel to EL MARIACHI follows a mysterious guitar player (Antonio Banderas) as he seeks vengeance against the men who murdered his girlfriend. ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO: Returning from exile to avenge his slain family, the gun-slinging, guitar-toting "Desperado" dispenses justice the hard way.

DVD Features

- New film transfer from original negatives supervised by Robert Rodriguez

- Director's Commentary

- Robert Rodriguez's short film "Bedhead"

- 10-Minute Film School Featurette


- Exclusive First Look at "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"

- 10 More Minutes with Robert Rodriguez: Anatomy of a Shootout

- Director's Commentary

- Free Trial Included: Screenblast ® Movie Studio? Video-Editing Software!

- Director and Cast Filmographies

- Robert Rodriguez Audio Commentary

- Ten-Minute Flick School

- Inside Troublemaker Studios

- Deleted Scenes

- Ten-Minute Cooking School

- The Anti-Hero's Journey

- Film is Dead: An Evening with Robert Rodriguez

- The Good, The Bad and the Bloody: A Look at the Special Effect

- DVD-ROM: Test Your Wits in the Shooting Gallery and the Loteria

- Isolated Score

November 15thThe Edukators

Jan, Peter and Jule are living out their rebellious youth. They are united by their passion to change the state of the world. Jan and Peter become "The Edukators," mysterious perpetrators who non-violently warn the local rich their "days of plenty are numbered." Complications follow when vulnerable Jule ends up falling for both young men. Reckless choices result in danger. An operation gone wrong and what was never intended to be a kidnapping brings the three young idealists face-to-face with the values of the generation in power.

Technical Specs

Rating: R

Run Time: 129


Stealth (Widescreen)

"Stealth" is an epic action thriller about a squadron of elite pilots who embark on a mission of global consequence to neutralize an out-of-control prototype drone fighter plane equipped with artificial intelligence and the ability to precipitate a nuclear war.

Technical Specs

Rating: PG-13

Run Time: 121


No. of Discs: 2

The Heavenly Kid

When Bobby dies in a car accident he is not allowed to enter heaven but has to stay in one of the lower levels until he has worked enough as an guardian angel in order to deserve paradise. One of his jobs is Lenny, a gifted boy, who loves his schoolmate Sharon who is the most beautiful girl of the class.

Technical Specs

Rating: PG13

Run Time: 91


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