First up, Fox (in cooperation with The Dark Lords of the Sith themselves – IE Lucasfilm Home Entertainment) has announced a November 23rd street date for a trio double feature DVDs. Star Wars: Ewok Adventures, which will include both of the live-action tele-films from the 80s -- The Caravan of Courage and The Battle for Endor(which is the only one of the lot that I actually remember). Star Wars: Animated Adventures - Droids will include episodes of the 1985 Droids animated series that've been edited down into a pair of feature-length offerings -- Treasures of the Hidden Planet and The Pirates and the Prince. Star Wars: Animated Adventures - Ewoks will likewise include episodes of the 1985-87 Ewoks animated series edited down into two feature films – Tales from the Endor Woods and The Haunted Village. Each disc will boast remastered 4:3 full screen presentations, Dolby tracks, and will retail for a modest $16.95 a pop.

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Doing their level best to entertain the entire family, or at least its "tween" girls, MGM Home Entertainment has announced that Alex "Spy Kids"Vega's new teen comedy, Sleepover, will be hitting your local mall on November 23rd. The film will be presented in anamorphic widescreen and English Dolby Digital 5.1 track, and the disc will include audio commentary with the director and members of the cast, the films theatrical trailer, cast and crew biographies, a photo gallery, gag reel and a behind the scenes featurette. It'll be retailing for around $27.98.

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Buena Vista's, The Young Black Stallion will land on DVD shelves this December 21st. (hoping do right by its hit predecessor, by making-up for its lackluster theatrical run) Boasting both THX certified anamorphic widescreen and full screen versions, and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. It'll carry a retail price of $29.95 and extras including an exclusive-to-DVD 20-minute short film that "allows you to "discover for the first time ever the backstory of what happened before The Young Black Stallion," plus the Finding Biana, Taming the Stallions, Shooting in Namibia and Building the Casbah featurettes, theatrical trailers and a Big Black Horse read-along.

And lastly, from the other side of the same lot, Disney Home Video has announced a December 14th street date for its 40th Anniversary release of the Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke classic Mary Poppins. The film will be presented in 1.66:1, with a brand new Disney Enhanced 5.1 mix, a Dolby Digital 2.0 Original Theatrical Mix and a Dolby Digital 2.0 Enhanced Mix. Extras will include audio commentary featuring leads Van Dyke, Andrews, Karen Dotrice and composer Richard Sherman, as well as Poppins Pop-Up fun facts that can be displayed during the movie and a feature that will enable you to jump to the song of your choice. The extras on disc 2 will include -- all-new animated short The Cat That Looked At A King, a deleted song "Chimpanzoo" which was reconstructed using the original storyboard and concept artwork and accompanied by a new rendition of the song performed by co-composer Richard Sherman and a Magical Musical Reunion featurette that reunites Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke with co-composer Richard Sherman, a fifty-minute making of documentary, a Musical Journey with Richard Sherman featurette, two Scene Deconstructions, a special effects featurettte, a Gala World Premiere feature, a Dick Van Dyke make-up test, publicity trailers, still galleries and finally an interactive Poppin's trivia game. This very special edition will retail for around $29.99.

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