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December 20th{@IMG:lquQ1nJJBrQxEScKKKr8ciKgOskzje|Movie [email protected]}

Get ready for major league fun that hits a home run in Here Come the Tigers, a Little League comedy about a wild team of misfits who think they can make it big.

Technical Specs

Rating: PG

Run Time: 90

CC: Yes

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen Presentation

Language: English

Subtitles: English, French

Movie Picture

Chilling account of events that shocked the world at the twentieth Olympics in Munich, West Germany, when a group of terrorists killed two Israeli team members and took nine others hostage.

Technical Specs

Rating: Not Run

Run Time: 101

CC: Yes

Aspect Ratio: Full Screen Presentation

Language: English

Subtitles: English and French

October 25th{@IMG:FEcQZld4flBhGq4h4kciTlG6aGQFJO|Movie [email protected]}

From cars to trains, boats to planes and more, this fun filled introduction to transportation combines spectacular real-life images with classical music by Hayden, Beethoven, Mozart and Rossini specially re-orchestrated for little ears and delightful puppet shows to expose little ones to “things that go”.

DVD Features

-“Discovery Cards,” “Guess What I’m Driving?” and “Let’s Sing Together.”

December 20thParty of Five - The Second Season

Shot through with equal doses heart-ache and laughter, PARTY OF FIVE: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON remains an emotional knockout, delivering all (22) episodes of this Golden Globe®-winning (Best TV Series, Drama, 1996) series' second season, proving again that home is where the heart is.

Technical Specs

Rating: NR

Run Time: 980

CC: Yes

Language: English (Dolby Surround Sound)

White Dragon

In this martial arts action film, a young noblewoman falls in love with a prince of the Imperial House. By accident, she acquires the martial arts skills of the White Dragon. New in her power, she learns that there are definite advantages in performing "good deeds" as the Little White Dragon.

Technical Specs

Run Time: 93

CC: Yes

Audio: Chinese (Cantonese) 5.1, English 5.1, French 5.1

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Movie Picture

In the cold, dark waters off North Korea a U.S. Navy fast attack submarine meets with a mysterious disaster - it's attacked and nearly sunk by an ominous stealth submarine resulting in the deaths of the Executive Officer and the Engineering Officer.

Technical Specs

Rating: PG-13

Run Time: 94

CC: Yes

Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation (1.85)

Subtitles: English

Audio: English 5.1

January 3rdAlien Nation: Complete Series

A bigoted human policeman in the L.A. of the future and his alien partner learn to live and get along with each other's differences. At they same time, they are assigned to solve a drug conspiracy hidden in the subculture of Los Angeles' newest immigrant population: extraterrestrials.

Episode Description:

Disc 1:

**Side A:

Alien Nation: The Movie (part 1 & 2)

Commentary by Kenneth Johnson

**Side B:

Fountain of Youth

Little Lost Lamb

Disc 2:

**Side A:

Fifteen with Wanda

The Takeover

**Side B:

The First Cigar

Night of the Screams

Disc 3:

**Side A:


Three to Tango

**Side B:

The Game

Chains of Love

Disc 4:

**Side A:

The Red Room

The Spirit of '95

**Side B:

Generation to Generation

Eyewitness News

Disc 5:

**Side A:


Real Men

**Side B:

Crossing the Line


Disc 6:

**Side A:

Gimme, Gimme

The Touch

**Side B:

Green Eyes

Behind the Scenes

Movie Picture

Superstars Burt Reynolds and D.L. Hughley are hilarious in the funniest sports comedy since Dodgeball! When perpetual loser Billy Cole (Reynolds) eats lunch at super-sexy strip club Cloud 9, it's not for the show – it's for the free buffet! But he scores big by forming the world's sexiest beach volleyball team – with the strippers! As the girls' popularity swells, though, they want to seduce crowds with their abilities, not their bods.

DVD Features

-Hoosiers Meets Hooters: Behind Cloud 9

-Burt Reynolds Fight Club: Directing a Rumble

-Being Gary Busey: The Cameo Outtakes

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