Maybe it’s just me, but more and more over the last couple of years I’ve found myself unable to tolerate sitting through my favorite shows as they’re aired and instead waiting until they’re either rebroadcast en masse (ala Bravo’s constant all day The West Wing marathons or Fox’s annual 24 hours of 24 labor day special) or just picking them up on DVD. In my humble opinion there’s simply no better way to fully appreciate the brilliance of Shaun Ryan’s The Shield, and if you just happen to agree you’re really going to appreciate today’s announcements...

First off, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment has officially announced a January 11th 2005 street date for the fourth season of HBO’s Oz. The groundbreaking series from the producers of Homicide: Life on the Street chronicling an unusual prison facility and it's criminal inhabitants. The new three-disc set will include all sixteen episodes of the fourth season, presented in 1.33:1 full screen along with both the English Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 Surround tracks. Extras will include an audio commentary on Episode 8 with Tom Fontana and Rita Moreno, a second commentary on Episode 16 by Tom Fontana, Dean Winters and Lee Turgeson, plus around thirty minutes of deleted scenes. The set will set you back around $64.98.

Movie PictureWarner’s has also set a November 16th release date for the third season of {4} starring Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk. The six-disc package will retail for somewhere in the region of $59.98. The episodes themselves will be presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen along with English Stereo tracks. Extras will include audio commentaries on selected episodes, a Producing Smallville: The Heroes Behind the Camera featurette, The Chloe Chronicles: Volume II Webisodes, a Smallville Interactive Comic Book Issue #8, deleted scenes and a gag reel and an easter egg (even though I’m not certain that you can technically have an announced easter egg).

On October 20th Warner Home Video will be releasing the complete first season of FX’s hit Nip/Tuck, starring Dylan Walsh and Australia’s Julian McMahon as Miami plastic surgeons who find themselves in full-blown midlife crises in confronting career, family and romance problems. And fans of the film will be glad to know the first season release will be accompanied by several extra features, something which isn't always the case with television show releases. The set will retail for around 74.95. Here's what you’ll find in the box:

• Giving Melodrama a Facelift – An exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of the program, featuring in-depth cast and crew interviews

• Realistic Expectations: The Practice of Plastic Surgery – Los Angeles’ top plastic surgeons reveal the secrets behind their profession

• Are Those Real or Fake? – An in depth look at the make-up effects used on the series

• Severed Parts – A gag reel featuring outtakes from the series

• Cutting Room Floor – Over 30 minutes of deleted scenes removed during post-production operations

• A sneak peak at Nip/Tuck’s second season

• A Perfect Lie Music Video – New remix of the title song with video created exclusively for the DVD.

According to the guys over at December 28th will mark the arrival of the second part of Sex and the City: Season Six on DVD. The set will include the final eight episodes of the show. Extras will include four audio commentaries with Michael Patrick King, three Never-Before-Seen Alternate Endings of the Final Episode, two thirty-minute farewell tributes and ten deleted scenes. Retail will be set at around $49.99.

20th Century Fox has announced the DVD release of 24: The Complete Third Season for December 7th (SRP $69.98). The 6-disc set will include all 24 episodes in anamorphic widescreen video with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, along with deleted scenes (viewable by seamless branching), audio commentary on 6 episodes by all the major actors, directors and the show's creators (one commentary per disc), a preview of Season Four, 3 featurettes (including 24: On the Loose, Boys and Their Toys and Biothreat: Beyond the Series), a multi-angle scene study, and the Inside Look: Mr. and Mrs. Smith sneak peek featurette.

Movie PictureAnd lastly, Fox will also have {8} ready for DVD this October 5th. It will be a six DVD set containing all the episodes of the second season plus Little Something Extra for the Fans - Video Montage. Featurettes: Storyboard to Scene, Here with Me: Making of Roswell 2, The Shiri and Majandra Show, Art of Composing Roswell, Cry Your Name (with optional commentary by Ronald D. Moore, Exec. Producer/Writer), A Roswell Christmas Carol (with optional commentary by Jason Katims, Exec. Producer/Writer and Patrick Norris, Director), and Ask Not (with optional commentary by Ronald D. Moore, Exec. Producer/Writer). The episodes will be presented in Widescreen 1.78:1 Color sans anamorphic enhancement and English in dolby digital 5.1. The set will retail for around $59.98.

Same bat-time, same bat-channel.