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August 16thPhil of the Future: volume 1

PHIL OF THE FUTURE is a live-action comedy series that introduces 15-year-old Phil Diffy as the teenager of tomorrow, literally. While on a time travel vacation, Phil and his seemingly average family from the year 2121 get stranded in present day. While waiting to return home, the Diffys struggle to keep their secret while Phil and his incorrigible, contentious little sister Pim adjust to a new home. Phil finds a trusted friend in neighbor Keely and together they navigate their school campus, grappling with the same thing that teenagers of all time must face – fitting in. More often, it's the inimitable Pim who raises a few eyebrows with her scrappy antics especially when she uses her Wizard gadget to get her way.

This first collection on DVD and VHS features four episodes (including one never-before-seen episode, "Team Diffy)."

Suggested retail price: $19.99 (DVD), $19.99 (VHS) Rated: Not yet rated. Bonus materials not rated and subject to change.

Special Features:

Audio Commentary with Ricky Ullman – "Team Diffy" episode

DVD aspect ratio: 1.33:1 formatted 4x3

DVD Sound: Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Language: English audio

September 13thPooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie

Walt Disney Pictures Presents POOH’S HEFFALUMP HALLOWEEN MOVIE. It’s a hilariously haunted Halloween in the Hundred Acre Wood, and Roo’s best new pal, Lumpy, is excited to trick-or-treat for the first time. That is, until Tigger warns them about the dreaded Gobloon who’ll turn you into a jaggedy lantern if he catches you. But if they catch the Gobloon before it catches them, they get to make a wish. When Pooh eats all the Halloween candy, Lumpy and Roo decide to be “brave together, brave forever” and catch the Gobloon. Filled with adventure and friendship, this is Pooh’s first Halloween-themed film in eight years.

Special Features

- Trick Or Treat Set

-Top Game Halloween Party Planner

- Parent Instructions

- Printable DVD-ROM Instructions

- Halloween-themed Activities

- Kanga’s Kitchen Recipes

- Jaggedy Lantern Decoration Stencils

Suggested retail price: $19.99 (DVD), $19.99 (VHS)

Rated: Not yet rated. Bonus materials not rated and subject to change.

DVD aspect ratio: 1.33:1 formatted 4x3

DVD Sound: Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Language: English audio, French audio, Spanish audio

September 27thThe Fly: Special Edition

Seth Brundle, a brilliant but eccentric scientist attempts to woo investigative journalist Veronica Quaife by offering her a scoop on his latest research in the field of matter transportation, which against all the expectations of the scientific establishment have proved successful. Up to a point. Brundle thinks he has ironed out the last problem when he successfully transports a living creature, but when he attempts to teleport himself a fly enters one of the transmission booths, and Brundle finds he is a changed man.

Audio: English: DTS 5.1, Dolby Surround 5.1, Spanish: Mono, French: Stereo

Language: Dubbed: English, Spanish & French / Subtitles: English & Spanish

Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Special Features:

Disc 1:

Widesreen feature / Commentary with David Cronenberg.

Disc 2:

DOCUMENTARIES:Fear of the Flesh: The Making of The Fly / Fear of the Flesh: Larva /Fear of the Flesh: Pupa / Fear of the Flesh: Metamorphosis.

BRANCHING CLIPS: A Radical Departure / The Rise of Marketing / Who Wants to Die? / All You Have To Do Is Be Passionate / Cronenberg's Preparation / On Cronenberg's Films / Cronenberg as Gynecologist / Cronenberg as Director / On the Cannes Jury / The Mother of Invention / It Takes Time To Spread the Goop / Glass-Break Test / Scotch & Razor Blades Genes in the Ether / Winning the Oscar / The Last Collaboration / Haunted by the Fly / The Brundle Museum of Natural History.

DELETED SCENES: Second Interview / Monkey-Cat / Brundlefly vs. Bag Lady / Butterfly Baby / Alternate ending.

TEST FOOTAGE: Main Title Elements / Telepod Tests / Make-Up Tests / The Exploding Head / Cronenfly.

WRITTEN WORKS: George Langelaan's original short story / Charles Edward Pogue's Original Screenplay / David Cronenberg's rewrite / Interactive Cinefex article "THE FLY Papers" / Interactive American Cinematographer article "New Buzz on an Old Theme" / Interactive American Cinematographer article "More About THE FLY".

PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL: The Fly Teaser / The Fly Trailer / TV Spot #1 / TV Spot #2 / TV Spot #3 / Featurette / David Cronenberg Profile / The Fly II Teaser / The Fly II Trailer / The Fly (1958) / Return of the Fly (1959) / One Sheet & Lobby Card Gallery.

STILL GALLERY: Publicity / Behind the scenes / Concept art / Effects / Monkey-Cat / Space Bug / Arm wrestling / Make-up.

EASTER EGGS: Halloweener / Vomit Drop.

SUMMER OF '86: Big Trouble In Little China / Aliens / The Fly.

The Fly 2: Special Edition

After Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) was "debugged", his son, Martin Brundle (Eric Stoltz), born of the human fly, is adopted by his father's place of employment (Bartok Inc.) while the employees simply wait for his mutant chromosones to come out of their dormant state. And thus "THE FLY" is reborn!!

Audio: English: DTS, Dolby 5.1, Spanish & French: Dolby Surround.

Language: Dubbed: English, Spanish & French / Subtitled: English & Spanish.

Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Special Features:

Disc 1:

- Feature

- Commentary by director Chris Walas and Film Historian/Archivist Bob Burns

- "Stopping for Food" Deleted Scene

- Alternate Ending "Houseboat Scene"

- The Fly (1989) Theatrical Trailer

- The Fly (1958) Theatrical Trailer

- Return of the Fly (1958) Theatrical Trailer

- Alien Theatrical Trailer

- The Omen Theatrical Trailer.

Disc 2:

- The Fly Papers: The Buzz on Hollywood's Scariest Insect

- Transformations: Looking Back at "The Fly II" Documentary

- CWI Video Production Journal

- Composer's Master Class:Christopher Young featurette

- Original Theatrical EPK

- Storyboard to Film Comparisons of (3) scenes) with optional commentary by Director Chris Walas

- Opening Sequence

- Bartok

- Ending

- Production Photo still gallery

- The Art of "The Fly II" still gallery

- Storyboard Still Gallery

- Theatrical Trailer A

- Theatrical Trailer B.

October 11th{@IMG:2aGghD9Kbo9hpuWbM2kCFZQgOFD25n|Movie [email protected]}

Voted the best British sitcom of all time in a 2004 audience poll, Only Fools and Horses entered its sixth season with a number of changes -- a longer episode length, romance for Rodney and a new look for Del, who has recast himself wholeheartedly in the image of Gordon Gekko from the film Wall Street. Despite Rodney's move toward practicality in signing up for computer training, Trotter's Independent Traders (TIT for short) are still as active as ever in their hilarious pursuit of any scheme that might bring that elusive million to the brothers Trotter.

Actors: David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst


1 - Ep 1 Yuppy Love

Ep 2 Danger UXD

Ep 3 Chain Gaing

2 - Ep 4 The Unlucky Winner Is...

Ep 5 Sickness and Wealth

Ep 6 Little Problems

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