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June 7th{@IMG:TAqafL1aHjSOKXTTK5rq8uOxUr26oQ|Movie [email protected]}

Rogue Pictures has just informed us that an unrated version of this title is to be released on June 7th along with the standard rated, widescreen and full screen versions of the disc.

Bonus Features:

- CHUCKY'S INSIDER FACTS ON DEMAND ' Over 150 trivia facts you never wanted to know about chucky

- SLASHED SCENE ' Tiffany fights temptation to off actress Debbie Carrington

- HEEEEERE'S CHUCKY ' A revealing interview with Chucky including early screen tests

- FEATURE COMMENTARY ' With writer/director Don Mancini and puppet master Tony Gardner

- FAMILY HELL-IDAY SLIDE SHOW ' The Chucky family hosts the first viewing of their exploits through Paris, New York and Hollywood

- CONCEIVING THE SEED OF CHUCKY ' A behind-the scenes look at two decades of Chucky films

- TILLY ON THE TONIGHT SHOW - Jennifer Tilly's video diary from The Tonight Show

- FUZION UP CLOSE WITH THE SEED OF CHUCKY STARS - The cameras of mun2 go behind-the-scenes for revealing interviews with Chucky and Tiffany, who speak publicly about their lives as Hollywood stars.


June 14thHighlander: The Raven

The nine-disc set of HIGHLANDER: THE RAVEN comes jam-packed with newly created Bonus Materials. Each disc boasts behind-the-scenes audio and video commentary from cast and crew, including Gracen and Johansson, plus detailed Cast Bios, Production Notes, Scripts, a Photo Gallery and a hilarious Blooper Reel.  Presented in state-of-the-art digitally re-mastered 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, HIGHLANDER: THE RAVEN arrives June 14, 2005 with a priced-to-own SRP of $89.98. 

July 26th{@IMG:LzoJOLCbvCuItepLrrdmFQxxKzOwm9|Movie [email protected]}

Robert Wagner, Terry Moore, Broderick Crawford and Buddy Ebsen star in this absorbing drama about a young, self-centered recruit who comes of age during WWII. Sam Gifford (Wagner) is a successful cotton planter who treats his sharecroppers as if they were little more than farm machinery. But during combat in the Pacific, as he sees "quality" people crack, endures life under a sadistic officer (Crawford), and learns true friendship, from a "cropper" (Ebsen), Gifford slowly discovers there's more to a person than social class and good breeding.

Bonus Features:

Theatrical Trailer

Fox Flix: A Yank in the RAF, Blue Max, Crash Drive, D-Day the 6th of June, To the Shores of Tripoli

Movie Picture

The "Blue Max", a coveted medal for achievement in flying, is ruthlessly sought by Peppard, a poor-boy german soldier who climbs out of the trenches and into the aristorcratic air force. He is met with prejudice by the other contestants, wealthy snobs who look down upon his low ecomomic stature. When he claims the title, he earns the respect of the General and the General's wife, who wants to repay him in ways that the General

might not appreciate.

Movie Picture

En route to submarine duty in Washington, naval officer Lt. Stewart (Tyrone Power) meets the enchanting Jean Hewitt (Anne Baxter). He begins a whirlwind courtship, unaware she is already engaged to the commander (Dana Andrews) under whom he is about to serve. Just when both men learn they are in love with the same woman, they are forced to work closely on a dangerous commando raid against Nazi tankers.

Bonus Features:

Full Screen Feature

Theatrical Trailer

FOX WAR CLASSICS: The Hunters, Morituri,

What Price Glory?

Movie Picture

James Mason delivers a strong performance in this fascinating portrait of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. In the early 1940's, Rommel's juggernaut Afrika Korps dominated North Africa. But as the tide turned and he came to

the painful realization that his Fuhrer, to whom he hd sworn allegiance, was destroying Germany, his ingrained sense of duty pushed him into a conspiracy against Hitler. Co-starring Jessica Tandy as Rommel's wife and Cedric Hardwicke as another anti-Hitler conspirator, The Desert Fox is an intimate look at one of the most respected military tacticians of modern times.

Audio: English 2.0 Mono

Aspect: 1.33:1

Dubbed - English

Subtitled - Spanish

Bonus Features:

Theatrical trailer, spanish trailer, cross-promotional trailers: 13 Rue

Madeleine, The Blue Max, Enemy Below, Heaven Knows Mr. Allison,

Sink The Bismarck

Movie Picture

Richard Burton stars in this exciting story of the stubborn, courageous men who held Rommel at bay in North Africa despite hopelessly outnumbered. The year is 1941, and Rommel has the British in full retreat. All that stands between him and the Suez Canal is the fortress of Tobruk, manned by a small army of Australian troops who are ordered to hold this vital position at any cost. Many of the men are green recruits, and it falls to Capt. MacRoberts (Burton) to whip them into shape. A bold tactician who realizes they will soon be overwhelmed if they do not take the offensive, MacRoberts leads countless daredevil raids that keep the superior enemy off-balance and earn his men the famous nickname they "won with blood and bore with pride." Directed by Robert Wise and co-starring James Mason in a reprise performance as Field Marshall Rommel (whom he first played in "The Desert Fox"), this stirring blend of action and history pays tribute to the heroic men known in the annals of war as The Desert Rats.

Movie Picture

A critically acclaimed film that won a total of eight 1970 Academy Awards (Including Best Picture), Patton is a riveting portrait of one of the 20th century's greatest military geniuses. One of it's Oscars went to George Patton, the only Allied general truly feared by the Nazis. Charismatic and Flamboyant, Patton designed his own uniforms, sported ivory-handled six-shooters, and believed he was a warrior in past lives. He outmanuevered Rommel in Africa, and after D-Day led his troops in an unstoppable campaign across Europe. But he was rebellious as well insight and poignancy, his own volatile personailty was one enemy he could never defeat.

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