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December 6thThat's So Raven: Raven's House Party

THAT'S SO RAVEN is a hit live-action situation comedy starring Raven (also known as RavenSymonē, "The Cosby Show") as Raven Baxter, a winsome teen whose ability to glimpse flashes of the future often gets her into hot water. Getting her out (or sometimes into) these predicaments are best friends Eddie and Chelsea. Allowing her flights of fancy -- yet eager to keep her feet on the ground -- are Raven's parents, Victor and Tonya. And then there's precocious kid brother Cory, who is both an annoyance and invaluable resource to his big sis.

DVD Features

- Never Before Seen Episode

- Radio Trivia Game: Answer questions about the latest music trends as well as test your knowledge of “That’s So Raven”

- That’s So Raven Re-Do’s: Laugh along to the hilarious bloopers and outtakes featuring the stars of the show, with an introduction by Raven.

February 7thBambi II

Overflowing with captivating new songs and breathtaking animation in the tradition of Walt’s original film, BAMBI II is a vibrant story about the magical journey of growing up, and a father and son’s growing bonds with one another. Bambi reunites with his father, The Great Prince (voiced by Patrick Stewart, “X-Men” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), who must now raise Bambi and teach him the ways of the forest. But in the adventure of a lifetime, the proud parent discovers that there is much that he can learn from his spirited son.

DVD Features

-“Bambi Trivia Tracks”

-“Thumper’s Hurry & Scurry” game

-“The Legacy Continues” featurette on the making of the film.

October 4thHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

With the galaxy's best-selling tour guide and a good towel, earthling Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect (actually from planet Betelgeuse) are transported, among other places, to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and back to the beginning of time.

Technical Specs

No. of Discs: 2

Packaging Type: Double Amaray Case

Sound Track Language: English

October 11thMartha’s Homemade Holidays

Martha’s Homemade Holidays offers everything one could need for the perfect holiday season. It includes delicious traditional and interesting non-traditional recipes for both Christmas and Hanukkah, plus holiday baking recipes, elegant decorating tips, handmade ornament and gift ideas, gift-wrapping suggestions and beautiful holiday crafts. The bonus ROM material includes a holiday planner, a Christmas tree primer, pet advice from petkeeping expert Marc Morrone, host of MSLO’s Petkeeping with Marc Morrone television show, and a Christmas cookie glossary complete with 13 bonus holiday cookie recipes.

DVD Features

Martha’s Homemade Holidays Special Features Include

Bonus Videos:

-Classic Martha Eggnog

-Collecting Christmas Ornaments

-Old-Fashioned Sleigh Bells

-Inside Boston Ribbon Candy Company

Bonus Tips and Techniques:

-Shimmering champagne glasses

-Kids’ cookie cutter sandwich

-Tableware nametags

-How to separate eggs

-How to store and steel knives

-How to sharpen a knife

-How to store Christmas ornaments

-Luggage tag

-Packing with popcorn

-How to get your whites whiter

Bonus ROM Material:

-Printable shopping lists, recipes and project instructions

-Marshmallow snowflakes craft template

-Holiday Planner

-Christmas Trees 101

-“Ask Marc” Holiday Pet tips

-Christmas Cookie Glossary plus a baker’s dozen of your favorite holiday cookie recipes

October 18thNaked Encounters

Have you ever seen that perfect woman who you absolutely have to meet, but you don’t know what kind of guy she goes for? Roxanne Chance and Cole are private investigators who can get you that information. They delve into the life, sexual preferences, personal history, and personality of whatever target their clients desire, to allow the client to make the perfect first impression. Their newest paramour, Dominic, has his sights set on a beautiful fashion model. The investigative team gives Dominic all the information on his target that he needs to become her ideal man. When the paramour disappears after a night alone with his target model, Roxanne and Cole switch gears to find him.

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