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May 17th{@IMG:NCeQz1aNGWPuqmDygaGMUm22z1JFqZ|Movie [email protected]}

Big laughs come in one small package when four uproariously hilarious episodes from America’s #1 TV family “The Simpsons” arrive in a special collection release. “THE SIMPSONS” BART WARS. Perfectly timed to the opening of Star Wars Episode 3 in theatres 5/19/05, “THE SIMPSONS” BART WARS features four episodes that reference the Star Wars franchise as well as a special featurette.

Specs: Audio - English, Spanish & French: Dolby Surround

Ratio - 1.33:1

Dubbed: English, Spanish & French / Subtitled: English & Spanish

Bonus Features: DOG OF DEATH / MARGE BE NOT PROUD / SECRET WAR OF LISA SIMPSON, THE / MAYORED TO THE MOB / The Making of Bart Wars: The Simpsons Strike Back.

May 24th

Movie Picture

Moonlighting: Seasons 1 & 2

Street Date: 5/24/05

DVD SRP: $49.98 for 6-disc set

Rating: N/A

Genre: Dramedy/ TV on DVD

Closed Captioned: English

Spanish Availability: No

Format: 4x3 Aspect Ratio, Full Frame

DVD Running Time: 1187 minutes

DVD Audio Status: 2.0 Dolby Stereo Sound

DVD Special Features: Commentary track featuring Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd and creator Glenn Caron, three themed featurettes, deleted scenes, gag reel/bloopers

Movie Picture

Disc 1:

Feature Film / Commentary by Director Alex Proyas and Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. Commentary by production designer Patrick Tatopoulos, editor Richard Learoyd, Visual Effects Supervisor John Nelson, Associate Producer John Kilkenny, Animation Supervisor Andrew Jones (Digital Domain), and Visual Effects Supervisors: Brian Van't Hul (WE). / Commentary by Composer Marco Beltrami / The Making of I, Robot / Still Gallery / Trailers: Independence Day and X2: X-men United.

Disc 2:

Day Out of Days: The I, Robot Production Diaries:

01. Spoonerville, Canada 2035: A. Alex's Introduction, B. Fed Ex, C. Spoonerville, D. Dialog Changes, E. 200lbs of Love.

02. USR: A. Alex's Introduction, B. Lanning's Dead, C. USR Corporate Offices, D. Lanning's Lab, E. Spooner's Car, F. Factory Floor, G. Sonny Escapes.

03. Following Bread Crumbs: A. Alex's Introduction, B. Sonny Arrested, C. Saving The Cat, D. Granny's.

04. You Are Experiencing A Car Accident: A. Alex's Introduction, B. Calvin's Lab, C. Tunnel Chase Green Screen, D. Tunnel Chase - MoCap.

05. One On One: A. Alex's Introduction, B. The Fight, C. McBride, D. Alex's Birthday, E. Alleyway.

06. Lost & Found: A. Alex's Introduction, B. Robertson's Office, C. Sonny Transferred - MoCap, D. Industrial Area, E. Robot Genocide.

07. Will Smith's Night Of Thunder: A. Alex's Introduction, B. Robot Wars, C. The Motorcycle Gag, D. Two Birthdays, E. USR's Backdoor.

08. Will Smith's Wild Ride: A. Alex's Introduction, B. A Great Set., C. Handshakes & Body Slams, D. Alan's Fight Rehearsal, E. Bridget And Will At VIKI Level, F. Spooner Fights The NS5's, G. Bridget On The Bridge, H. Flying Will.

09. It's a Wrap Rap / CGI and Design: 01. Designing The City, 02. Designing Sonny, 03. Shooting Miniatures, 04. Learning To Walk, 06. Integrating Live Action with CGI / Sentient Machines: Robotic Behavior: 01. When Scientists Dream, 02. Automata To Tortoises, 03. Top Down, 04. Bottom Up, 05. Swarm, 06. Inside Outside-In, 07. When Machines Dream.

Three Laws Safe: Conversations About Science Fiction And Robots: 01. Jeff Vintar: Asimov and the Legacy of Robot Stories, 01. Jeff Vintar: Asimov's Three Laws and Beyond, 02. Akiva Goldsman: This Version Of I, Robot, 03. Robyn Asimov and Jennifer Brehl: Isaac Asimov

The Filmmakers' Toolbox Compositing Breakdowns: Visual Effects "How Tos" Digital Domain "How Tos": 1) USR Garage - Parking the Car, 2) USR Factory Floor - 1001 Robots, 3) USR Factory Floor - Spooner Chases Sonny, 4) Police Station - Holding Cell, 5) Spooner Fights One on One.

6) USR Main Lab - Examining Sonny, 7) Police Station Battle, 8) Robertson's Office - VIKI, 9) Robertson's Office - Stand Off, 10) VIKI Level - Dome Attack, 11) VIKI Level - Brain Death.

Rainmaker "How Tos": 1) Approaching Lanning's House, 2) Entering Lanning's House, 3) Demolition Bot Attack - Hallway, 4) Demolition Bot Attack -Staircase, 5) Demolition Bot Attack - Staircase Cont., 6) Surfing to Safety INT., 7) Surfing to Safety EXT., 8) Safe at Last.

WETA Digital "How Tos": 1) Chicago 2035 - Spoonerville, 2) USR Tower - Bridge and Atrium, 3) USR Plaza - Spooner. Chases Sonny, 4) USR Plaza - Spooner Loses Sonny, 5) Tunnel Chase - Spooner Drives, 6) Tunnel Chase - USR Trucks Barricade Spooner, 7) Tunnel Chase - NS5 Disintigrates, 8) Tunnel Chase - USR Trucks Explode, 9) Industrial Area - NS5s Kill NS4s, 10) Robot Wars - USR Trucks Dispatch NS5s, 11) Robot Wars - NS5s March Down City Street, 12) Robot Wars - Traffic Jamm, 13) Robot Wars - Civilians Advance, 14) USR Plaza - NS5 Roundup, 15) USR Plaza - Jets Fly Over, 16) The Ending - Lake Michigan. Extended & Deleted Scenes: 1. Basketball (Deleted), 2. Hilltop: "I Miss You Old Man" (Deleted), 3. Alternate Endings: Original Scripted Ending + Current Ending V. 1 Pre Vis / Easter Eggs: 1) Tunnel chase with toasters, 2) SONNY sends Spooner a wink and a kiss, 3) NS5 watching TV at Calvin's drinking beer and scratching its crotch, 4) The AC drops a slate, 5) Automated cats on director's monitors.

Movie Picture

Specs: Audio: English: DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish & French: Dolby Surround

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Language: Dubbed & Subtitled: English, Spanish & French

Bonus Features:

Disc 1:

Widescreen Feature / Commentary by Director/Co-Writer Roland Emmerich, Producer Mark Gordon / Commentary by Co-Writer Jeffrey Nachmanoff, Ueli Steiger, Editor David Brenner, and Production Designer Barry Chusid.

Disc 2:

Pre-Vizualization / Pre-Production Meeting / Storyboard Gallery: Scene 001, Deleted Scene 016-017, Scene 144-145, Scene 161, Scene 179-185, Scene 201-203, Scene 207: Version 1, Scene 207: Version 2, Scene 208, Scene 223-229, Scene 229.

Concept Art Gallery: Beach House, Chopper, Diner, Ice Shelf, India, I.S.S., L.A. Tornado, Library, Mall, Mexico, Natural History, N.O.A.A., N.Y.C., Schematics, Tokyo, U.N., Wolves.

Production: Two Kings and a Scribe. Post Production: Pushing the Envelope: Visual Effects, Scoring. Audio Anatomy: The Final Mix, Interactive Demo (8 tracks of audio).

Deleted Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary by Director/Co-Writer Roland Emmerich and Producer Mark Gordon: Scene 21: Kids Study, Scene 25: Gary's Shady Deal / Taka Dies, Scene 9-19 Hurricane Hunter / Kona Beach, Scene A58 Gary Vs. Foster, Scene 59: Tommy's Big Break, Scene 100- 103: Stock Market Crash, Scene 156: Ask Mexico For Help, Scene 207A: Campbell & Co. / Last Exit to Brooklyn, Scene 200, 206: Wolf Chase Part 2, Scene 209 - 210B: First Version of Jack & Jason After The Big Freeze.

THE FORCE OF DESTINY: The Science and Politics of climate change / Theatrical Teaser, Theatrical Trailer A, Theatrical Trailer B, Alien Quadrilogy, Alien Versus Predator, Independence Day, Man On Fire.

Movie Picture

Specs: Audio: English: DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish & French: Dolby Surround

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Language: Dubbed: English, Spanish & French / Subtitled: English & Spanish

Bonus Features:

Disc 1:

Feature Film / Commentary by Director Tony Scott / Commentary by Production - Lucas Foster, Brian Helgeland, Dakota Fanning.

Disc 2:

Vengeance is Mine: Reinventing "Man On Fire" Documentary: Twenty Year Odyssey, The Business of Kidnapping, Caught in the Crossfire, City of God, Fire and Passion. Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by Tony Scott): 1. Lisa asks for a bodyguard, 2. Lisa & Samuel have sex, 3. Lisa talks to Creasy/Creasy meets Jordan Kalfus, 4. Pita prays for a dog, 5. Pita asks Creasy about his family, 6. Pita asks Creasy about his hand, 7. Creasy saves Lisa at Assassination/Sex with Lisa/Aftermath, 8. Lisa tells Samuel that Creasy has to go, 9. Samuel plays piano/Creasy talks to Manzano/Lisa prays, 10. Pita's ghost appears in backyard, 11. Creasy kills Sandri, 12. Jordan, Kalfus explains kidnapping of Pita, 13. Samuel kills Jordan. 14. Creasy talks to Mariana and Manzano, 15. Alternate End.

Pita's Abduction: Pita's Abduction - Multi-Angle Sequence (with optional commentary by Tony Scott), Pita's Abduction -Tony Scott's Storyboards, Pita's Abduction - Script Excerpt / Photo Gallery / Music Video - Kinky - "Oye Como Va" / Trailers: Theatrical A, B and C

TV Spots: "Soft Meeting Final" - :15, "Time" - :15 , "Fire Final" - :30 "Masterpiece ALT" - :30.

COLLECTION: Father's Day Collector's Edition

June 6th

Movie Picture

Beyond the Sea

Rating: PG-13 for some strong language and a scene of sensuality

Genre: Drama/Musical

Closed Captioned: English

Spanish Availability: Subtitles

Format: 16X9 Widescreen (2.35:1) DVD, Full Screen VHS

VHS/DVD Running Time: 118 minutes

VHS/DVD Audio Status: 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital

VHS/DVD Special Features: Director & Producer Commentary, "Making of" Featurette, Interviews with Cast and Crew, Interview with Bobby's Manager, Steve Blauner, Trailers

June 7th

Movie Picture

Sling Blade: Director's Cut Special Edition


- Director's Cut

- Mr. Thornton Goes to Hollywood - The rise of Billy Bob and the evolution of Sling Blade

- Roundtable discussions with Billy Bob Thornton, Dwight Yoakam, Mickey Jones, Daniel Lanois and

Producer David Bushell

- Conversations with Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall, Daniel Lanois

- Bravo Profiles: Billy Bob Thornton

- On The Set With the Filmmakers

- "Doyle's Dead" with introduction by Billy Bob Thornton

- Feature Commentary from Writer/Director/Actor Billy Bob Thornton

- Swingblade reviews and articles

- The Return of Karl (video piece)

SLING BLADE is written and directed by Billy Bob Thornton.

Movie Picture

In one of his most chilling performances, Richard Widmark stars as Stiles, an up and coming crime boss trying to stake his claim in the criminal underworld. The FBI files are filled with many lurid crime stories. One case in particular baffles FBI Inspector Briggs (Loyed Nolan). In involves the murders of a house wife and a bank guard. Both were killed by the same gun, yet there isn't any connection between the victims. Determined to get to the bottom of the crime, Briggs sends his best agent undercover to penetrate the inner circle of the notorious Stiles gang. Everything goes according to plan, until an informant inside the police department tips off Stiles. Now the enraged crime boss targets the agent for murder.

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