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October 4th{@IMG:h8CadHPcVbpMXCOTTn9up4e7PfF35N|Movie [email protected]}

Inspired by a true story and the classic 1974 film. A group of teenagers take a detour from a road trip and what happens next is beyond anyone?s darkest fears and raw nightmares.

Technical Specs

No. of Disks: 1

Language: English

Rating: R

Rating Reason: strong horror violence/gore, language and drug content.

November 8th{@IMG:XhLbSKmjd9eiHVud0iOqAvg0QYRgdZ|Movie [email protected]}

When pop star and teen heartthrob JD McQueen (Aaron Carter) lets fame go to his head, his mother sends him back to school and gives him an ultimatum - pass math or no summer tour! But what he doesn't anticipate is falling for his biggest fan!

Actors: David Cassidy, Leif Garrett, Alana Austin, Aaron Carter

Technical Specs

Rating: PG

Rating Reason: for mild sensuality and some rude humor

No. of Disks: 1

Run Time: 94

CC: Yes

Language: English

Subtitles: English, Espanol

Aspect Ratio: Original Aspect Ratio - 1.85, Widescreen [16:9 Transfer]

Sound Quality: English - Dolby Surround 5.1 / English - Dolby Surround Stereo 2.0 English

September 6th{@IMG:9LItZRIizDMME5A5G5mHWkzdxysHPt|Movie [email protected]}

With hot stars Jason Scott Lee (DRACULA II: ASCENSION, DRACULA III: LEGACY), Kari Wuhrer (THE PROPHECY: UPRISING, HELLRAISER: DEADER), and Doug Bradley (THE PROPHECY: UPRISING, HELLRAISER franchise) back for more supernatural thrills, THE PROPHECY: FORSAKEN is the fifth electrifying feature in the PROPHECY saga!

Technical Specs

Run Time: 75

Rating: R

Language: English

No. of Disks: 1

CC: Yes

Movie Picture

Deborah Kerr stars in this "horrifying Gothic ghost tale" (Newsweek) based on Henry James' "The Turn Of The Screw,' a powerful psychological drama about innocence possessed by evil. Shortly after coming to live with orphans Flora and Miles in their dark, eerie mansion, the new governess (Kerr) mistakes their strange behavior for preciousness. But she soon comes to believe that the charming, beautiful children are possessed by evil, malicious spirits - the souls of their previous governess and estate manager who are now dead.

Technical Specs

Rating: Not Rated

No. of Disks: 1

Language: English

Run Time: 100

September 27th{@IMG:eDaxcOjZtpAy5GUNCfmQMUjuJNyI2k|Movie [email protected]}

CREATURE COMFORTS is a brilliant and hilarious clay animation series about the lives of animals as told by the animals themselves. Interviews with these lovable claymation creatures leave no stone unturned, no tree unclimbed, no sea uncrossed in the quest to discover what our fine-finned, furred and feathered friends really think about the issues that are closest to their hearts. It’s a “mockumentary” like none you’ve ever seen, and it could only come from Nick Park and the untamed minds at Aardman Animation!

DVD Features

- Original Creature Comforts, 1990 Academy Award® Best Animated Short, "Bringing Creature Comforts to Life"

- Featurette: Behind-the-Scenes

- Favorite Bits: Clip Compilation

October 11th{@IMG:ba8aDxKbDq5q3lMU8HdDq0b93wjkuF|Movie [email protected]}

Unleashed tells the suspenseful story of Danny (Jet Li), an unrivaled martial arts expert enslaved by a vicious gangster (Hoskins) who uses him as human attack dog to terrorize his victims. Morgan Freeman is Sam, a warm-hearted blind man who befriends Danny and tries to show him another side of life. But renouncing his old existence won’t be easy for Danny, especially when his brutal former master unleashes an army of killers to track him down.

DVD Features

-Director Louis Leterrier: Unleashed – Director Louis Leterrier discusses Unleashed, sharing his thoughts and experiences regarding casting, storyline, martial arts and locations.

-The Collar Comes Off: Behind the Scenes of “Unleashed” – Go behind-the-scenes with the stars and filmmakers of Unleashed.

-“Atta Boy” Music Video– Massive Attack music video featuring clips from the film.

-“Unleash Me” Music Video –RZA’s new video featuring clips from the film.

-Serve No Master – Get inside the fight sequences created by legendary action

choreographer Yuen Wo Ping.

-Extended Scenes and Fight Sequences

November 15thThe Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection (Giftset)

With a career that spanned more than 34 years, Harold Lloyd essentially created the feature-length film. Best known for his comedy movies including The Freshman, Speedy and Safety Last! – which features one of Hollywood’s most iconic images of Harold Lloyd hanging from the hands of a giant clock – the influence of his physical comedy is evident in the performances of many of today’s leading actors. His trademark combination of physical skill, well-developed characters and keen comic timing have influenced such acclaimed talents as Lucille Ball, Jim Carrey, Dustin Hoffman and Johnny Depp.

DVD Features

Volume 1 -Disc 1:

-Feature films and shorts - Girl Shy (1924), Safety Last! (1923), An Eastern Westerner (1920), Ask Father (1919), From Hand to Mouth (1919)

-Commentary by Leonard Maltin director and Rich Correll on Safety Last!

-Production and publicity galleries

Volume 1 - Disc 2:

-Feature films and shorts - The Milky Way (1936), The Cat’s Paw (1934), Why Worry? (1923)

· Featurette “Harold’s Hollywood: Then and Now”

· Production and publicity galleries

Volume 2 - Disc 1:

-Feature films and shorts - Kid Brother (1927), The Freshman (1925), Bumping Into Broadway (1919), Billy Blazes, Esq. (1919)

-Commentary by Leonard Maltin, Rich Correll and film historian Richard Bann on The Freshman

-Commentary by Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter, Suzanne Lloyd, author Annette Lloyd, and Rich Correll on Kid Brother

-Production and publicity galleries

Volume 2 - Disc 2:

-Feature films and shorts - Feet First (1930), Grandma’s Boy (1922), Dr. Jack (1922), Now or Never (1921), High and Dizzy (1920)

- “Scoring for Comedy” Featurette

-Production and publicity galleries

-English subtitles and closed captions

Volume 3 - Disc 1:

-Feature films and shorts - Speedy (1928), Hot Water (1924), Never Weaken (1921), Haunted Spooks (1920),

-Commentary by Suzanne Lloyd, Annette Lloyd and Rich Correll on Speedy and Haunted Spooks

-Production and publicity galleries

Volume 3 - Disc 2:

-Feature films and shorts - Movie Crazy (1932), For Heaven’s Sake (1926), I Do (1921), Among Those Present (1921), A Sailor-Made Man (1921), Get Out and Get Under (1920), Number Please? (1920)

-“Greenacres” Featurette

-Productions and publicity galleries

Bonus Disc (Collector’s Set Only)

- Rare home movies

-Introductions from film critic and historian Leonard Maltin

-Photo galleries, lobby cards and production stills

-Comparisons between domestic and international prints

-“Then-and-now” location comparisons

- Tributes and interviews with family, friends and legendary celebrities including Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner, Tab Hunter and director John Landis

-Rogues’ gallery of autographed photos of celebrities, presidents and sports heroes

-Scrapbook collection - Reviews, programs, etc.

-3-D photos (3-D glasses included)

-Over 30 featurettes

State Fair Special Edition

Rodgers and Hammerstein's only score written expressly for the screen highlights this delightful film about an Iowa family's adventures at the fair. Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews and Dick Haymes star.

DVD Features

Disc 1:

-Commentary by Richard Barrios and Tom Briggs

-From Page, To Screen, To Stage: State Fair Featurette

-Still Galleries: Set Design and Wardrobe, Behind the Scenes, Lobby Cards and One Sheets

-Includes Sing Along Subtitles

Disc 2:

-1962 Version State Fair

-1962 Commentary by Pat Boone

-State Fair Television Pilot

-Vintage Stage Excerpt: It Might As Well Be Spring Performed by Mary Martin

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