Not so long ago, I was happy as all hell that Fox Home Entertainment had finally gotten around to releasing Chris Carter’s other great television shows on DVD, but today I’m forced to remember that between the shock of its mesmerizing first season and its hilariously self-mocking third there was a Millennium: Season Two. I “say” this only because that aforementioned middle season will hit your local Best Buy’s shelves on January 4th 2005. Of course, all twenty-three episodes of from the show’s somewhat troubled second season will be included, along with audio commentary on "The Hand Of San Sebastian" by director Tom Wright, a second audio commentary on "The Mikado" by writer Michael R. Perry, a "Academy Group: Victimology" featurette and "The Turning Of The Tide a making of season 2" featurette. The six-disc will be setting completists back somewhere around $59.99.

As if trying to help me come up with a theme for today, Fox has also announced a January 4th 2005 release date for God, The Devil & Bob: The Complete Series. The two-disc set’s extras will reportedly include commentary on “God's Favorite” by Matt Carlson and Harvey Myman, commentary on “The Devil's Birthday” by Matt Carlson, Harvey Myman, Niel Thompson, and Gary Murphy, commentary on “In The Beginning” by Matt Carlson and Harvey Myman, fifteen minutes of voice over audition tapes, a twenty-minute making of featurette, twelve minutes on on-set interviews and ten minutes of digital storyboards. All of the above and more will retail for around $26.99.

Fearing that they might be left out, Touchstone Home Entertainment has announced that the much-maligned summer offering from M. Night Shyamalan (who actually is the devil according to a few jealous critics) will hit the street on January 11th 2005. The Village on DVD will apparently include a making of featurette, a few deleted scenes and a photo gallery—and many, many, secrets in the form of additional un-announced extras. On the same day you’ll also be treated to the arrival of the mockumentary The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan just in case you missed its spin out across The Sci-Fi Channel. I don’t know about the “mock” but the village will be setting the curious back something like $29.99.

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Meanwhile Artisan Home Entertainment has gambled that our collective cultural amnesia will allow them to release Rambo: Ultimate Edition Collection—featuring brand spanking new editions of First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III. (maybe it’s just me, but frankly It’s kind of shocking that “they” haven’t buried part 3 in a vault somewhere) But anyway, this three-disc set will be hit the battlefield on November 23rd. All three films will be presented in 2.35:1 and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround alongside Portable Media Center Editions of the film. Their extras will include:

• First Blood includes a never-before-seen suicide ending and the first ever Rambo commentary by Sylvester Stallone.

• Rambo III on the other hand, will include a selection of deleted scenes.

• The DVD set also features Survival Mode, a suite of enhanced viewing capabilities. Survival Mode marks the debut of MetaVision, a “breakthrough in video-based storytelling” that promises to enhance your DVD watching experience.

The three disc set will retail for around $44.99 and the individual DVDs will be available for about $19.99 apiece.

Finally, Warner Bros has made this all worthwhile by announcing that Larry David’s hysterically funny Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Third Season will start cracking ribs anew on January 18th 2005. The episodes will be presented in their original 4:3 full frame with English and French Dolby 2.0 Stereo Surround Sound. Its extras will apparently be limited to episode preview spots and a Comedy Arts Festival Panel featuring Curb’s cast and crew. The two-disc set will be setting both you and I back somewhere in the realm of $39.99.

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Have a good weekend.