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May 31st

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Walt Disney's Classic Cartoon Favorites: Sports Fun

Walt Disney Home Entertainment presents "Wave II" of WALT DISNEY'S CLASSIC CARTOON FAVORITES, a terrific DVD collection featuring Disney's classic characters and their animated shorts! These superb collections feature Disney's most adored characters in some of their most hilarious and entertaining film moments. The new "Wave II" DVD volumes in the WALT DISNEY'S CLASSIC CARTOON FAVORITES line are:


Mickey and the gang score tons of laughs in these eight wild and wacky animated sports shorts the whole family will love.


Here's your ticket to front row seats as Mickey and friends warm up their voices and warm up your heart with their hilarious musical antics in eight harmonious cartoons.


Strap yourself in for fun, fun, fun with Mickey, Donald and Goofy as your adventure guides, in eight edge-of-your-seat, laughter-packed escapades!

Each DVD in the WALT DISNEY'S CLASSIC CARTOON FAVORITES "Wave II" series is available separately on Disney DVD May 31, 2005, for $14.99 (S.R.P.). Available for a limited time only.

June 7th{@IMG:mlADdzcPsoz0maxMpgYpG3wPUWMIUI|Movie [email protected]}

Goldie Hawn and George Segal star in this rough and tumble comedy that bounces from San Francisco's Barbary Coast to the wilderness of Utah. The Dirtwater Fox (George Segal) is a slick gambler who wants to hold on to the $40,000 he's stolen from a gang of outlaws. The Duchess (Goldie Hawn) is a scheming saloon singer who wants to become a "real lady." But once they team up, they begin to realize that what they really want is each other. Mixing clever dialogue with plenty of action, this sassy spoof of the Old West is made all the more fun by it's two very talented stars.

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Based on a story from Lillian Hellman's best-seller, "Pentimento." Hellman (Jane Fonda) recalls her lifelong relationship with the fiercely independent and politically minded Julia (Venessa Redgrave). Born to great wealth, Julia devotes her life to political causes fighting fascism in the 1930's. While Hellman is travelling in Europe, she is approached by one of Julia's political friends (Maximilian Schell) and is swept into Julia's world, smuggling money across hostile borders.

Featuring Meryl Streep in her film debut, Julia won three 1977 Academy Awards®, including Vanessa Redgrave as Best Supporting Actress, Jason Robards as Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay Adaptation.

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James Caan is tap-dancing ghost. Jeff Bridges is the very much alive stuffed shirt. Together, they make the perfect match for Sally Field, the woman caught between both men in this uproarious romp through the supernatural. The spooky fun begins when Kay Villano is one week away from marrying the serious Dr. Rupert Baines, and an uninvited guest appears on the scene; the ghost of Kay's dead, but oh-so-debonair husband Jolly. Kay's predicament is made worse because no one else can see or hear Jolly but her. The celestial shenanigans are non-stop as the three superstars hysterically battle out an odd eternal triangle with deliciously new dimensions.

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Ryan O'Neal drives the getaway car for his buddies' robberies. Bruce Dern is determined to catch him.

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In this charming romantic comedy, a TV weatherman (Mark Harmon) whose life is an endless succession of whirlwind affairs, takes his male friends up on a bet. He sets out to prove he can get simultaneously engaged to three beautiful women (Madeleine Stowe, Maria Holvoe, Lesley Ann Warren), all within three months. But the joke backfires when he realizes he has actually fallen in love with one of his "fiancées" - and she suddenly wants nothing to do with him.

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Jimmy Smits heads an all-star cast in this fast-pace romantic drama about medical students trying to meet the demands of love, ambition and competition. As they enter their third year of medical school, a group of young students prepare to leave the world of textbooks for the halls of a real hospital. Somehow, they must impress the chief of Surgery (Smits) while learning how to survive the life-and-death area of medicine and the complexity of their everyday lives.

July 5th

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Prozac Nation

Miramax Home Entertainment presents PROZAC NATION, the emotionally charged story about one woman's struggle with depression and self discovery. Based on the national bestselling autobiography, this film stars talented Christina Ricci, Academy Award' winner Jessica Lange and an all-star cast.

DVD bonus features:

- "Anatomy of a Scene"

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