Glu Mobile has announced that their initial line-up of games for Nokia's N-Gage will include adaptations of Speed Racer and The Dark Knight, as well as "Super Slam Pin Pong". Digital Media Asia offered a brief description of the two games.

In Speed Racer, players will become the titular Speed himself, piloting the Mach 5 in a course that requires them to drift, slide, jump and drive defensives on several extreme tracks.

The adaptation of The Dark Knight will allow players to take the role of Batman as he fights street crime in Gotham City using both his martial arts skills and high-tech inventions.

The N-Gage is a made-for-mobile game service compatible with the Nokia Nseries and other S60 3rd Edition devices from Nokia.

Speed Racer zooms into theatres May 9, 2008.

The Dark Knight opens on July 18, 2008.