The Dark Knight Blu-ray has already set sales records and now it's about to pass yet another milestone. According to, sales for The Dark Knight Blu-ray has sold 2.8 million units worldwide - with 2 million units sold in the US alone - and the blockbuster BD will likely pass 3 million units sold in the near future.

The Dark Knight Blu-ray sold a record-breaking 1.7 million BD units in its first week alone and worldwide sales have continued to perform steadily after almost three months on the shelves.

It was also revealed that, as many expected, this highly-anticipated BD has driven sales of Blu-ray players as well. According to research done by Warner Home Video, which released The Dark Knight Blu-ray, over one-third of consumers who purchased a Playstation 3 gaming unit between October and December cited The Dark Knight Blu-ray release for affecting their decision to purchase the gaming unit, which comes with a Blu-ray player.