Around lunchtime, Gotham's Citizens for Batman dropped a package off at our front door. Inside, we found a Batman mask, a Gotham City newspaper, and a lapel pin featuring a strong fighting fist and the words "Citizens for Batman". Also included was an ominous note that read as such:

The authorities are after us, so we had to be a little secretive about our hideout. We know you're someone we can trust, so we've made it easy for you: RELATED: Batman: Caped Crusader Will Be Like a Spiritual Prequel to the 90s Animated Series

username: Nycticeius

password: merritt

You need to share this information with other concerned Gotham citizens like yourself.

Join us - and help us fight back against the enemies of Gotham City.

Never give up,


When you go to this site and log in, you will find the "NYCTICEIUS UNDERGROUND" bulletin board, which contains threads such as "Why We Fight", "Hiding in Plain Site", and "baby Steps". Here are the contents of the envelope that arrived at our door:






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