Warner Bros. has applied for local permits to shoot a portion of Batman sequel The Dark Knight in Hong Kong this fall, according to Variety.

In director Christopher Nolan's follow-up to Batman Begins, the caped crusader will leave Gotham City for the first time in the history of the film franchise to fight evil in another city -- or cities -- although it's unclear whether Hong Kong will be called Hong Kong or a fictional metropolis.

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Warner Bros. is scheduled to film in Hong Kong for nine days in November.

According to the trade paper, Warner has apparently applied for permits to shoot in the glossy business district of Central and neighboring Western. And one sequence could include the nightly Symphony of Lights laser show, a key tourist trademark for the city.

Filming has previously taken place in Chicago and London.

The Dark Knight returns Christian Bale to the bigscreen as Batman. Heath Ledger and Michael Caine also star.