Earlier this week, we showed you 45 photos from the Batman vs. Bane fight in The Dark Knight Rises, debuting on Blu-ray and DVD December 4. As it turns out, we have even more Bat-goodies to get you through the long weekend, in anticipation of this hot holiday title. We have two featurettes from the upcoming Blu-ray, one that explores the football scene where Bane (Tom Hardy) implodes the Gotham City football field, and another that shows Tom Hardy's impressive transformation into the iconic villain. We also have three concept art images that show a few of the earlier looks director Christopher Nolan experimented with for Bane, before settling on the villain's final look. Is it just me, or do these concept shots look like some sort of evil bird-human hybrid creatures? Or maybe masked professional wrestlers? At any rate, enjoy the Bane that could have been with these new images, which are featured on a behind-the-scenes documentary on The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray special features.

The Dark Knight Rises concept art Bane 1
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The Dark Knight Rises concept art Bane 2
The Dark Knight Rises concept art Bane 3