Collider recently spoke with IMAX head of digital re-mastering David Keighley, who discussed what fans can expect from the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Here are some of the bullet points from the interview:

  • David Keighley talks about how much of The Dark Knight Rises will be in IMAX, "many more minutes [than The Dark Knight of IMAX-filmed scenes]."
  • - He addresses the problems encountered with filming in IMAX, and how the progress on a smaller, more portable, quieter IMAX camera is going. He will have a prototype digital-capture camera with 4K resolution, footage from which will debut with Born to Be Wild 3D.
  • - Christopher Nolan might use the 65mm camera for intimate dialogue scenes in The Dark Knight Rises.
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CLICK HERE to watch the site's full two-part video interview with David Keighley. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on The Dark Knight Rises as soon as we have more information.