Christopher Nolan isn't just being coy with the press in regards to his plans for the upcoming sequel The Dark Knight Rises. He is also keeping all of the known details away from those individuals most important to the comic book adventure, lead actor Christian Bale and composer Hans Zimmer. Both gave recent updates about their involvement in The Dark Knight Rises.

First up is Bale, who had not much to offer other than that he has total faith in Nolan:

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"Sure, I know a little more about it than is in the press, but Chris will tell me what I need to know when I need to know it. It's our fourth movie together. I've got faith in him."

Hans Zimmer had a little more to offer on the subject, saying:

"I'm thinking. I'm working. And I can't tell you anything more. The thing about Chris and myself is, we treat each one with the autonomy it deserves. I try to invent and reinvent and not just go over old ground. I think that's the thing that was so exciting for people on The Dark Knight.' They knew we were doing a 'Batman' movie, but they had no idea it was going to be that sort of a 'Batman' movie. Chris likes that I can give him music before he starts [editing the film]. It's very different."