Comic Book Movie is reporting an intriguing rumor that actresses Charlize Theron and Vera Farmiga may be up for roles in The Dark Knight Rises.

A source at an unnamed agency indicated that Charlize Theron has been approached to portray Detective Sarah Essen, who will be the new love interest for Gary Oldman's character, Jim Gordon. Vera Farmiga has auditioned for the role of Julie Madison , who will be Bruce Wayne's new love interest. Actress Kacie Thomas has also auditioned for the Julie Madison role. You can read descriptions of the characters as they appeared in the comic books below:

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"Sarah Essen first appears in Batman #405, part of the Batman: Year One storyline. She is a detective partnered with then-lieutenant James Gordon. She and the married Gordon start a brief affair. She is murdered by the Joker and is hinted as the real Mother of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl).

Julie Madison was originally portrayed as an oft-imperiled socialite who is engaged to Bruce Wayne. She was not aware of his activities as Batman when, in her first appearance, she was used as a pawn in the vampiric Monk's battle with the Dark Knight. She has also been associated with the villain Clayface."

Julie Madison's ties to Clayface and her inclusion in the script have many speculating that Clayface may actually be one of the main bad guys in The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan has stated that there will be more than one villain, so its possible that Monk might even make an appearance.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on The Dark Knight Rises as soon as we have more information.