Director Christopher Nolan is still in the early stages of shooting his climatic bat-finale The Dark Knight Rises in London, and the set pictures we've seen so far have been ho-hum at best. Unlike The Amazing Spider-Man, we are not being bombarded by photos of our hero in action. Instead, we are being treated to mundane snapshots of buildings and cars. Today, we get an image from Osterley Park, where Christopher Nolan is using the Osterley Park mansion as a double for Wayne Manor. Check it out below.

By request, these photos have been removed.

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This note from a worker at Osterley Park accompanied the photograph.

"Osterley Park is the inside of the Wayne Manor. That's right 3 rooms - dining room, and study - we forgot to ask what the 3rd room was - it was mentioned the study has a secret exit that will lead to the Batcave. Technically we are guaranteed sighting of Alfred (Michael Caine), Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), I think Anne Hathaway, as she's likely to be having dinner with Bruce. There is a secret door in the study from which Wayne will escape."