It is true that we see some strange things on the internet, but none as strange as Christopher Nolan's Batman movie The Dark Knight trending on Twitter as a Rom-Com. Yes, that well known chuckle-fest of mistimed romantic gestures, Bat Meets Girl, and will they won't they moments - doesn't really sound that familiar does it? However, this is social media, and it looks like the trending was down to a simple miscalculated algorithm, but that certainly didn't stop people having a good laugh about it.

The bizarre quirk seems to have stemmed from a simple question posted by Elle Duncan from ESPN, who asked her followers what movies they have seen at least 10 times. With people of the right age, it is safe to say that Christopher Nolan's stunning Batman sequel, a pretty much perfect specimen when put alongside not only other comic book movies but against any genre in recent memory, has been watched multiple times, so was always a contender for this kind of list. Somehow though, the sub-workings of Twitter managed to mistakenly show the movie trending for being a rom-com film, which led to fans posting all their wonderful memories of that epic story of comedic love.

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"The love story and chemistry between Batman and the Joker was what everyone remembers about the classic Rom-Com, The Dark Knight" one user wrote in response to the post. Another commented, "Ah yes, The Dark Knight, Nolan's timeless and hilarious story of Rachel Dawes and the two suitors who pursue her: Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne", with a third contribution to the discussion with, "Ah yes, My favorite rom-com film, The Dark Knight."

It was also pointed out that movies like Jurassic Park and Home Alone were also starting to trend under the same heading thanks to the same original post, but The Dark Knight was certainly coming out on top of many people's much watch lists that they just can't get enough of. One such person could well be director of the newest Dark Knight on the block, The Batman, Matt Reeves, who shared his own love of the movie back at DC FanDome last year. When speaking to fans, he expressed his feelings for the mood of the movie as well as his love of the characterization of Heath Ledger's Joker.

"The Dark Knight is so incredible and I think that Heath Ledger's performance and their conception of the Joker in that movie is indelible. And the battle that he engaged with, you know, with Batman/Bruce is incredible. But the thing you take away from it more than anything is that conception, specifically, I think of the Joker," Reeves said during the event. "That movie is so much about how it's a horrifying thing to stare into the abyss, that idea of that level of nihilism," he added. "The whole idea that there was nothing you could do because even in the destruction of him, you were fulfilling his aims. It was just a terrifying notion that speaks to an aspect of human nature and that was really profound."

So, is The Dark Knight one of those movies you just can't get enough of, even if it doesn't quite live up to its amourish and jovial potential in the rom-com stakes?