The Dark Knight is the first film in the Batman franchise's history to be shot outside Gotham. According to Variety, this follow-up to 2005's Batman Begins arrived in Hong Kong last week to begin filming.

Even though there were complaints of low flying helicopters throughout the night, citizens quickly forgot the commotion as they gathered in droves to catch Batman in action. Even the daily news gave up-to-the-minute reports on filming.

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Hong Kong helmer Johnnie To wasn't a fan of the film being shot on location in Hong Kong, though. He has filed complaints sighting the government's support of the stateside production while openly neglecting local productions of their own.

A press conference was held on Friday with all of the film's talent and crew in attendance. It did little to shine light on the actual film itself. Reporters were barred form asking any questions about the film, and it served more as an example for government officials to highlight their support for film production in the territory.