The very first teaser trailer for The Dark Knight will premier this Friday, July 27th, in front of select theaters playing The Simpsons Movie. According to SSH, this is what you'll be seeing:

The teaser opens with the Warner Brothers logo, then quickly fades into the DC comics logo. And then the Legendary Pictures logo comes up. We are then greeted with a moment of black emptiness.

The opening scenes are from a commercial paid for by "The Friends of Harvey Dent". It is made to look like your typical political ad campaign. Images of Dent (Aaron Eckhart) fill the screen. We see him actively campaigning in a suit and tie, while the narrator discusses the man's attributes.

The commercial is interrupted by a blizzard of television snow. The image dies, dipping to black. Seconds later, the picture returns to its normal vibrancy. We see a man silhouetted in front of a large office window. We slowly zoom in on his face. Unable to see the creepy figure, we hear dialogue that is important to the film. A bolt of computer generated lighting fires up the screen just as the elusive figure begins to laugh like a maniac. We see that it is the Joker (Heath Ledger).

The Batman Begins emblem imprints itself on the screen. The title appears underneath it: "The Dark Knight Summer 2008."

The scooper is keeping the dialogue a secret. He doesn't want to ruin the surprise. The Dark Knight opens July 18th, 2008.