The Dark Knight trilogy is coming to theaters again ahead of Christopher Nolan's Tenet. Warner Bros. is rereleasing all three movies in Taiwan and Hong Kong movie theaters. Theaters in the region are cautiously reopening after being forced to shut down for obvious reasons. China attempted to do the same thing a few weeks back, but it was too soon to do so and everyone had to go back to indoor life. Theaters in North America are also attempting to do the same thing, though the major chains aren't planning on reopening until July.

In Hong Kong, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises will screen June 4th, June 11th, and June 18th, respectively. In Taiwan, the trilogy will begin screening starting on May 29th. The 4K remastered version of The Matrix was screened earlier this month in the territory. Warner Bros. is trying to get theaters back up and running ahead of the release of Christopher Nolan's Tenet, which is still scheduled to open in theaters on July 17th.

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Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan are still determined to make sure Tenet comes out on time. However, it remains unclear if theaters in the United States will be ready to meet that target. As of this writing, most of the population is still practicing safe social distancing and remaining indoors with California and New York planning on staying this way until the summer. Many Fourth of July events across the country have been canceled, which doesn't bode well for movie theaters opening back up again this summer, even though they have all been shut down since the middle of March.

In a recent poll, over 70% of moviegoers say they are willing to return to theaters this summer as long as the establishments enforce new safety regulations. Of the people polled, over 90% would like to see hand sanitizer placed around the building, while sitting in socially distant seating. In addition, the majority of people polled would also like to see fewer screenings in order to let the staff have adequate time to clean theaters before and after each showing. Only 5% of the people polled say they would be willing to return to the movie theaters without any changes being made.

Christopher Nolan movies are engineered to be experienced on the big screen and Tenet is no different. July is still a few months away and a lot can happen in that time, but at this moment, it doesn't seem like theaters will be opening in time for Tenet in the United States, or at least not every state. As with everything else these days, we're all going to have to continue to be patient to see how this all works out. Deadline was one of the first outlets to announce The Dark Knight trilogy rereleases. Hopefully the screenings go well in Taiwan and Hong Kong.