Warner Brothers has updated the official IBelieveinHarveyDent.com viral website for The Dark Knight - now with specific instructions about how you can help Harvey Dent become District Attorney and reclaim Gotham City from the crooks, criminals and gangsters who currently run the city.

By going to the site, you can get instructions on ways that you can show your support. You have until March 26th to submit your videos and pictures. There are signs available to download, and you can also sign up to receive updates about the "Dentmobile" campaign, coming to cities near you!

CLICK HERE to see how you can show your support.

Additionally, fans were encouraged to register their phone number with the site. Those who did so received a "personal" phone call from Harvey Dent. CLICK HERE to hear the call to action.

The Dark Knight opens on July 18, 2008, and stars Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gylenhall.