The Dark Knight has been filming in Hong Kong, with stars Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman on hand to shoot scenes. According to the International Herald Tribune, filming finished this weekend, between Sunday night and Monday morning.

The final scene shot in Hong Kong showed dozens of police officers storming a skyscraper in the financial district, the local production company assisting the filmmakers said. The sequence filmed did not involve any of the movie's stars, and marks the end of a high-profile shoot clouded by pollution and energy consumption concerns.

Other scenes shot in Hong Kong included Christian Bale, who plays Bruce Wayne and Batman, and Morgan Freeman, who portrays Lucius Fox, having a conversation on a pedestrian bridge that connects Hong Kong's Central financial district and the upscale Mid-Levels residential area. They also filmed Lucius Fox arriving at the same office building stormed by the police officers and chatting with security guards.

Star Christian Bale said at a press conference that he was scheduled to jump off Hong Kong's tallest building, the 90-floor International Finance Center, something he claimed to be looking forward to.

Batman's journey to Asia hit several snags in Hong Kong, however with reports that filmmakers cut a scene involving Batman jumping from a plane into the city's Victoria Harbor because of the pollution in the water. Nolan denied the reports, saying the change was a scripting decision.

The Dark Knight stars Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, and is due out in July, 2008.