In a swerve no one saw coming, the game from is coming to an end. But the mastermind behind this game isn't Heath Ledger's Joker. Instead, it's Gary Oldman's Commissioner Jim Gordon.

Earlier today, the site was updated with a set of locations around the world, where a goody bag from "The Joker" was set to be picked up. The bags were bowling bags, containing purple and green balls, cellphones with chargers, and Joker playing cards. As each bag was retrieved, that location was stamped on the website. Once all the locations were stamped, the site was updated with the following message:

Good job Clowns!

You've proven you're kingpin material, so I've got a job that's right up your alley.

Head over to| and see if you can disable a certain alarm for me.

The password is: needle.

Be sure not to use a phony e-mail address.

It'll be ok? I promise.

But if you go to| and leave your info, you'll get a call from Commissioner Gordon! Gordon calls and tells you that they have your name, your e-mail, your phone number and your e-mail address. And you now have the choice of either helping him, or going to jail. He promises to then be in touch.

You have to hand it to them - the organizers of the viral marketing for The Dark Knight has really been a genius.