Ron Howard previously stated in an interview that he was interested in Viggo Mortensen for the lead role of Roland Deschain in his gargantuan Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower, which will span both several movies and a TV series. Now, Javier Bardem is being touted as the front-runner for the lead in this epic Western thriller.

While Mortensen is still mentioned as a second place contender, the role is open to takers. The actor who is eventually chosen to play Deschain will have to commit to all three feature films, as well as a TV series that could span multiple seasons. It will be quite a lot of work for any willing big name actor to take on.

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The proposed series will kick off with the first movie, followed by the TV series. The second chapter of the film series will be preceded by the second season of the show, and the third and final movie will end everything, with Roland appearing as an old man.