Back in March, we reported that Warner Bros. is considering backing the massive multi-platform project The Dark Tower. Today, we have word that the studio is about to receive a new script by Akiva Goldsman, and that Russell Crowe may be stepping in to play Roland Deschain. The studio will make their decision on whether or not to give a green light within the next two weeks.

Javier Bardem was long attached to play the nomadic gunslinger, even after Universal Pictures dropped the project last July. The actor is no longer involved, but producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer have been discussing the role with Russell Crowe. Nothing is official yet, but the A-list star's potential attachment may be a key component in getting this languishing project off the ground.

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The Dark Tower was initially set up as a trilogy at Universal Pictures, with two limited-run TV series' to air between the movies on NBC. Last October, we reported that HBO will produce the TV portion of this sprawling adaptation of Stephen King's seven-part novel series.

The story centers on Roland Deschain, the last in a long line of gunfighters, who journeys to The Dark Tower in a last-ditch effort to save humanity.