The Day After Tomorrow: According to Variety, Fox will unleash the homevid version of The Day After Tomorrow on Oct. 5. Studio's fall DVD slate should be large and unusually flush with big hits, including DodgeBall, Alien vs. Predator, I, Robot and Garfield the Movie.

Fox has already announced The Passion of the Christ for Aug. 31 and the DVD debut of The Star Wars Trilogy for Sept. 21.

The single-disc "Tomorrow" will feature the first insert for the studio's new national rebate offer -- $10 back with the purchase of three of eight qualifying Fox titles to be released in the fourth quarter.

Fox is creating a lenticular box cover for "The Day After Tomorrow" ($29.98) that appears to show movement of the storm across the arm of the Statue of Liberty. Bonus features include two filmmaker commentaries, deleted scenes and a DVD-ROM link to a behind-the-scenes featurette.