You can bring a Keanu Reeves remake home in both formats this April. The Day the Earth Stood Still heads up to DVD and Blu-ray on April 7. The film will be released in a barebones two-disc edition, with the second disc being the original 1951 film ($29.98 SRP), a three-disc special edition with Digital Copy ($34.98 SRP) and the three-disc Blu-ray edition with Digital Copy. All of these releases will include the 1951 original film, for a limited time. The film stars Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly.

<strong><em>The Day the Earth Stood Still</em></strong> DVD
<strong><em>The Day the Earth Stood Still</em></strong> Special Edition DVD
<strong><em>The Day the Earth Stood Still</em></strong> Blu-ray Disc

The Day the Earth Stood Still is 20th Century Fox's contemporary reinvention of its 1951 classic. Keanu Reeves portrays Klaatu, an alien whose arrival on our planet triggers a global upheaval. As governments and scientists race to unravel the mystery behind the visitor's appearance, a woman (Jennifer Connelly) and her young stepson get caught up in his mission - and come to understand the ramifications of his being a self-described "friend to the Earth."

Special Features: (Three-disc DVD and Blu-ray only)

- Deleted Scenes

- Re-Imagining "The Day" Featurette

- Unleashing Gort Featurette

- Watching The Skies: In Search Of Extraterrestrial Life Featurette

- The Day The Earth Was "Green" Featurette

- Commentary By Writer David Scarpa

- Still Galleries

- Concept Art

- Storyboards

- Production Photos

- Klaatu's Unseen Artifacts: The Day The Earth Stood Still Picture-In-Picture Track (BD Exclusive)

- "Build Your Own GORT," BD-Java Game (BD Exclusive)