It wasn't too long ago that an Oscar winning movie got it's bounce in the theater. Now, it's more likely to see that rise in money on DVD.

In a story from Variety, the expectation is that sales of The Departed will now increase on DVD due to it's Best Picture win last Sunday night.

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Even though it was brought back into theaters, The Departed isn't expected to see any major rise in theatrical ticket sales.

The film was also the biggest grossing movie out of all 5 films which were vying for Best Picture on Sunday night. The Departed opened to a $26 million dollar weekend, which was director Martin Scorsese's biggest debut ever.

Originally, the film grossed "$121.7 million after 16 weeks" in theatrical release, and Warner Bros. brought it back to theaters to help it's Oscar chances. This gave The Departed another $6.5 million.

Eventually, all of this gave the movie a domestic box office tally of $131.5 million.

Other films that are currently on DVD, and look to make some additional money from their Oscar nominations are Babel and Little Miss Sunshine.

However, Little Miss Sunshine has been reaping DVD rewards since it's release on December 19.

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