A new joke Kickstarter project to remove the rat from the end of Martin Scorsese's The Departed has exceeded its $4,000 goal. Short filmmaker Adam Sacks set up the project to fix the "one huge problem" in the Academy Award winning movie in a campaign called Digitally Erase The Rat From The End Of The Departed. Sacks makes the joking argument that the rat at the end of a movie about rats is "painfully on the nose."

Adam Sacks set up the joke Kickstarter and people on social media are falling prey to its premise. There are already groups of people on Twitter who agree with Sacks and believe that the rat should be digitally removed from The Departed, even though buried in his campaign description, Sacks says that he will take the deleted rat and place it in Ratatouille, which is both ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. Since there are people that agree with the stance, there are obviously those who disagree, starting a pretty good "discussion."

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Star Wars fans demanded a new cut of The Last Jedi after it hit theaters and a petition was started to have the movie re-edited. Adam Sacks is trolling the trolls with his Kickstarter to remove the rat from The Departed, going against the rage culture of altering movies to make them better, or "correct" them. Sacks even mentions the changes that Steven Spielberg made to E.T. in his description for the joke project, which amazingly exceeded its goal in a matter of days. There really can't be this many people who want to see a rat removed from The Departed, can there?

More evidence of Adam Sacks' awesomely executed joke comes through when you look at the rewards for backing him. For instance, a $1 pledge gets a heartfelt thank you, which Sacks says he will then "thank you from my heart." Other rewards include an annoying group email chain, a personalized thank you email, a before and after screenshot of what the movie looks like with the rat and then again without it, and $70 gets you the ultimate prize. Sacks explains.

"I will buy you a legal Blu-ray copy of The Departed, throw away that disc, replace it with my Blu-ray copy of the movie with the digitally erased rat spliced in at the end, and mail it to you."

Obviously, there are some risks involved in undertaking such an "ambitious" project. Adam Sacks knows that he will more than likely get a cease and desist letter from Warner Bros. for "fixing their movie." With that being said, Sacks says he will deliver on his process if he reaches $4,000 and does not get a cease and desist letter from the studio. One of those goals is already done, with $4,152 already pledged. Just how far is the short filmmaker going to take this joke? You can head over to the Kickstarter page and donate to the joke.